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  1. dorytooos


    "I've got my reasons to babn him again" LOLOLO. I just asked for help, he trashtalks me, yet you're shittalking me. Makes sense. Plus, as alot of people said, this is your job. People pay and people request stuff, you're providing a service so it's your obligation to fix shit. Not my fault you dont care about this or you get mad cause people point out mistakes.
  2. Currently using this script, let's see how much money I get from this. Started with 20m on inventory.
  3. dorytooos


    Shut the fuck up i'm having problems login into pkhonor server, so I'm asking for help. Suck a dick Freezes here I got help from another user, problem is fixed. Close the thread
  4. Are you a fucking retard? It's simple to understand. Pkhonor crashes the script because they have fixed the method, the script was 100% working but the method has been fixed.
  5. dorytooos


    i log in the bot i try to use pkhonor goes nowhere. thanks yes i deleted cache yes i didnt have firewall activated yes i turned off antivirus yes i have the right java @Paradox hi
  6. This won't work. Dont even bother.
  7. The script doesnt crash, pkhonor crashes it. They fixed the method.
  8. you shouldn't bot mining, it'll be an instant ban on that account probably. run the script, select options and it's done.
  9. I've asked for this like 1 year ago.
  10. dorytooos

    IKOV Item Buyer

    You can make money from auto buying? Lol
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