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  1. Accepting BTC or RS07 / Alora GP Account has currently 10t worth of items or more Rank: Wealth: if you have questions or need more proof let me know
  2. I think around 150-200$ is good enough for me, i mean its still a $400 cape so that's cheap if you are gonna bot on it, to make cash
  3. Will edit my main post now with a screenshot to prove ownership.
  4. Did you had any offer in mind sir? Let me know. My excuses for not using the template, will do next time
  5. Would anyone be interested in my account? a owner cape is worth $400 paypal, I accept btc / cs:go skins Also has a few trillion on it Its my account, not hacked or what so ever
  6. Server name: Dreamscape317 Server URL: www.dreamscape317.net Direct client URL: http://dreamscape317.net Average amount of playing: 150-200 A good reason to add it: Because its a server with many futures like pvming, and pvp and because i'm too lazy
  7. Hey, i'm looking for this bot if someone is be able to make it that would be sick.
  8. i had a windows vps before for 7usd, could run 2 bots they were laggy but botting perfect, and stable few days straight, weeks are too risky because ban The ram was like 1gb and the proccesor around 2GHz and ofcourse u need the newest java
  9. i think you mean " vps = virtual private server " / good vps = www.winity.io vpn = virtual private network " a.k.a proxy "
  10. Buy a multiple vpses, or might be a mac adress spoofer
  11. @ur signature i like hollywood undead too
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