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  1. Death account with multiple 2bs and premium. 50b tickets included free. $70 - MIDDLEMAN REQUIRED http://imgur.com/a/U9QbB
  2. The following is a topic posted on the PkHonor forums by Mike: So, Donderstone2 recently found a (pretty recent) OSRS client with all OSRS cache, items, maps and NPC's. This includes (but is not limited to): Zulrah (with animations and the map), Cerberus (+ cave), Callisto, Scorpia, Venenatis, Vet'ion, as well as Zeah, Saradomin's Blessed sword, the different wands, toxic blowpipe etc. etc.. The client has the capability to be either fullscreen, resizeable or have a fixed window size. Also: Pest Control with 3 boats, which we can use for different game modes (will come in handy with the upcoming release of elite void).This means we'll be using this new client instead of the one we've been using in the past years. It is based off the exact same client that our client is based off, so it's possible for us to merge the two. Our server with every single feature remains the same, character files will remain etc., but we'll need to convert several thousands of item ID's, NPC id's and object ID's (OSRS uses different ID's than ours, especially where NPC's and custom items are concerned). We'll also need to take every single feature from our client and integrate it into the new one (ancient prayer interface, ancient magicks with miasmic spells, bank tabs and a whole lot more). Will this mean awesome new features, or a massive pain in the ass? (If both, then kudos.)
  4. Why does this not bank jars.. it opens them.
  5. Hello community, I would really really really really like to get into scripting, but I only know python. I've done some stuff outside of the client like making auto-switchers and whatnot but I'd like to be able to access the API and be targeting actual objects etc. Is Parabot capable of running python based bots? If so, could anyone point me in the right direction to get started doing so? Thanks :)
  6. Thank you so much for updating, Is anyone having troubles getting PKH scripts to run? I can't seem to find one that will work since the update... EDIT: Some work, some don't, I guess it's up to the script writer to make the fixes now.
  7. How about when I am away from my computer and it's the bot that should do that? duh?
  8. So I was just wondering, what is the best way to get around evil bob? thanks!
  9. So I watched the bot crash because of an error, and immediately bounce back by logging out and back in and back to potions. Props. It does catch on all the potions i've made, if it were to recognize the inventory as a whole and the bank withdraw process was an accumulative array of ingredients, opposed to "14" of 2 things in an exact order, this may give it the 11/10 from the 10/10 it is. ie if hasSnapeGrass, withdraw vial of water. if hasVialOfWater, withdraw ranar. And then the corresponding code to run over a loop of the ingredients to check if they are in the inventory. Your work is very appreciated man. PKH has been pretty dead with scripts that won't get you banned. (besides nobody making the bob random work, which this one it got stuck at the wrong portal and clicked it for a whole chatbox worth of the wrong portal. Maybe they changed it so that when you log out it resets which portal it will be?) The good guy Greg error.
  10. Is the script not currently working because the walking hook is broken? Thank you for the reply.
  11. Apologies for my ignorance before I ask, (in case you have already addressed someone asking this,) have you thought about adding the other metal dragons?
  12. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.rev317.min.api.wrappers.NpcDef.getId(NpcDef.java:21) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs$3.accept(Npcs.java:123) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs$3.accept(Npcs.java:118) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs.getNpcs(Npcs.java:51) at org.rev317.min.api.methods.Npcs.getNearest(Npcs.java:118) at org.parabot.randoms.b.H.activate(h:75) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.randoms.RandomHandler.checkAndRun(RandomHandler.java:92) at org.parabot.environment.scripts.Script.run(Script.java:104) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Not sure if that's just me
  13. dafuq. i've bought one before. Alrighty. Well, if someone releases this, i'll donate $40 xD
  14. I am wanting an item buyer that will include the following features: - Logs into and out of multiple accounts, thus increasing the amount of items that can be bought to 100% - All random support - The ability to change what item is being bought - The ability to select multiple items to buy from the store * The ability to add more accounts to log in to I do NOT need - Banking *$40 if you add this feature offering $30 for this script
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