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    I currently have 55b tickets, plus druidic wreath and staff (waiting to sell in GE, but if you're interested I can sell as is), as well as PHATS and other rares. [$1 - 1B rate] @@@@@PAYPAL ACCOUNT [email protected]@@@@ Looking for quick sales, I've done transactions but not via Parabot but I can refer you to some previous buyers (if needed, just ask). Shoot me a message and I'll reply as soon as possible.
  2. I have some stock at the moment, if you're interested send me a message and I'll send you one right now. Looking forward to doing business with you
  3. hey I have 55b current stock plus items (druidic wreath/staff, phats, etc.) message me for my skype.
  4. 1b=$1 rate Message me for my skype.
  5. If you are still looking for a seller I can sell you at a rate of 1b / $1 with the use of a middleman. Message me for skype
  6. Oh I didn't mean him, I meant to link you through another seller ---- Sobaan is his name. I thought the link to his post was attached when I posted that using my phone, I guess not.
  7. Gentlemen, contact this guy, he's currently on Skype right now. His rate is at $1.25 per 1b but he's active...
  8. If he replies to any of you guys please let me know or advise him that there's another interested buyer
  9. Yeah he replied to me two days ago, which was the initial day I added and contacted him, haven't heard anything since then. I am interested in doing business with him... Only if we can communicate a deal of some sort. But its the holiday season and I'm pretty sure everyone is a bit busy.
  10. Thanks for linking me to your post but I've contacted you via Skype and you replied but afterwards never heard from you again.
  11. I did prior to opening the jar, and it brought me to being stuck on that screen.
  12. I tried what you guys posted (deleting Parabot & PKHonor cache) and then proceeded to open the Parabot Jar and I got stuck on this screen.
  13. how would you go about doing that exactly?
  14. Is there going to be an update for Parabot so PkHonor can be compatible again?
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