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  1. in need of 400b, add my Skype if you can get that.
  2. Msg me if you will consider selling bulk a little cheaper ;)
  3. Hello Parabot users! I am back! I missed this lovely community and I'm finally back to supply your gold needs! Struggling to train those levels? Want to have some fancy and strong gear? Going for a maxed account? And of course you need the money for it? You are at the right spot!! Welcome to my Goldshop, I'm currently selling alot of Pkhonor Gold! The rates are as follow: 300k/1b (bulk can be discussed) Also buying gold! Rates are following 200k/1b (bulk can be discussed) Don't have RSGP, but you have PayPal? You can buy RSGP from several websites and contact me when you have gotten some RSGP. Current Stock: 0b Terms Of Service: - The buyer will always go first, unless Parabot Staffmember - I have all rights to decline any transactions with you if I find you suspicious (PkHonor staffmember) - Vouch for me after a transaction has been completed - Enjoy the wealth you have bought Contact Information Skype: click button down below ;) You can always PM me on ParaBot or reply on this thread!
  4. Infinity

    RWT on PKhonor

    got any pkh for sale? They have had access to trade logs for years ;) Just letting ya know
  5. Add my skype by clicking the button in my sign
  6. Have you requested the server in the correct section?
  7. Infinity

    pkhonor outdated

    PKHonor have made an update to their client that makes it impossible to hook into. Won't be up before they have an update that makes us able to hook into the client.
  8. Yeah for now, It's in my hopes that os-scape will be supported here in the near future so i can buy a private script ;)
  9. Thanks my dude, bots up and running once again ;)
  10. Hey guys I'm selling OS-Scape Bloodmoney, I will keep this thread updated with my current stock feel free to hit me up for current rates. :) Stock: 200k Click the button in my signature to add my Skype ;)
  11. can't just claim to be trusted...
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