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  1. http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/login.php This is where you can check the working Ikov scripts. Some are premium as in it's a separate payment. Yes I believe you can cancel VIP after a month.
  2. Jadsbutt


    I think parabot's server provider for ikov might be outdated. If not then try clearing the parabot cache located at your documents probably.
  3. I don't believe RuneWild is added to parabot as of right now or the hooks are broken.
  4. Ah yea, this looks like a connection issue. Are you using a proxy or vpn?
  5. You get a black screen right? Try deleting ikov's cache then reload the client on ikov. Then try it again on parabot. My friend had this issue. If that doesn't fix it probably a connection problem, but if you get past the log in interface at the beginning then it's probably not a connection problem.
  6. Only Ikov and maybe Dreamscape I think dreamscape is working atm. Ikov need to be VIP+
  7. Need to be VIP+ to see it 😛
  8. Try deleting the ikov cache, reload ikov client, then reload parabot client.
  9. Changed the rates from 12$/B to 9$/B
  10. In Stock: 0 Paypal rate: 9$/1B BTC rate: Same as paypal, the rate will depend on the day of the BTC market. But it'll be 9$/1B Osrs rate: 15m/1B For Paypal i'm only willing to people with a bit higher post counts on Parabot or if you're verified on Paypal. Terms of Service 1. You must pay me before I give you the gold, this is to protect me from mods in Ikov. I'm willing to use a mm if you want. 2. I can reject to sell anyone gold. If you have any questions pm me here on Parabot or Slack @ https://parabot.slack.com Just type in Jadsbutt to message me there. 😄
  11. Jadsbutt

    proxy errors

    Ah the problem was your parabot in the run.bat is parabot, instead of parabot.jar Switch parabot to parabot.jar in your run.bat file.
  12. Jadsbutt

    proxy errors

    Is your parabot.jar in the same folder as your .bat file?
  13. Jadsbutt

    proxy errors

    Ah, java -jar Parabot.jar Your "parabot.jar" needs to come after -jar. So for your case, "java -jar parabot.jar"
  14. Jadsbutt

    proxy errors

    Take a picture of inside your .bat file and your parabot folder. Block out the proxy ip
  15. Jadsbutt

    proxy errors

    There's probably a ? infront of Parabot in the cmd. Go check your batch file, also delete that post before someone sees your proxy thing 😭
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