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  1. Jeroen, I'm back and I'm willing to do whatever is neccessary to keep the forums clean. I'm reachable trough discord. Hellhound #0321
  2. Add me on skype - "Berszerkr"
  3. Buying 100K Roatpkz pk Points for 10M OSRS. You go first unless we use a middleman or you got more vouches than me. 1:100 roatpkz to osrs. - maybe 1:200 if bulk.
  4. Berszerkr


    What is that? Don't have access?
  5. I got 100K PKP for sale. How much are you offering? @jewcu
  6. Berszerkr


    So... lets fuck it up? ;)
  7. Try redoing it. You probably have a duplicate or the same map somewhere.
  8. Oh god NO Do you know the donkey farmer?
  9. Berszerkr

    osrs Ahk Help

    and autohotkeys. lol.
  10. Berszerkr


    Server name: Roatpkz Server URL: http://roatpkz.com/ Direct client URL: http://www.roatpkz.com/download/ Average amount of playing: bottom 60 - top 220. A good reason to add it: Fun. Pking + staking server. Only Three "scripts" needed - Rag bot, staking bot, donator isle bot. I can pay for the scripts.
  11. PayPal. I can go first/use middleman and various people in here can vouch for me. Please do add my Skype for a flawless conversation - or just write here. If you want a Picture of my id card or something like that I'm willing to do that aswell. @Kozs
  12. Berszerkr


    Alles goed met jou? kanker.
  13. We will use a middleman. I can buy less than 65m if that's all you have. I am willing to negotiate.
  14. He 99% got sued. why the fuck else did i referr to osrs? just like soulsplit. Lawsuit he couldn't manage to handle.
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