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  1. Just started playing SoulEco around a week ago, looking to sell GP. Current Stock - 5B.
  2. Naffer


    ​Play without botting it.
  3. Naffer


    Hey, been a while since I've been at this site seems as I lost interest in private servers. But I'm getting back into Soulsplit so I'll be getting VIP soon to bot.
  4. Does this support creativescape?
  5. I'm running Parabot & no servers are coming up.
  6. Naffer


    I haven't used Parabot in a while since I lost interest in Private Servers but I want to join one again, I'm trying to run Parabot & I'm getting 'you can only run in debug mode' can someone help me? Also what's the most popular server you can bot on?
  7. Doesn't let me change my password so can I PM an Admin what I want it to be?
  8. People ask me where I find a bot for ProjectRS06, I say Parabot.
  9. I'm a Helper @ SoulSplit, I'd like to see a bot there ;)
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