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    lowest i'll go is 1:7, 100b for 14.3m pm for skype, would prefer to use a middleman but if you are trusted i'll go first without a mm
  2. any way you could make it not go after imps that someone else is already catching? this makes it less obvious that one is botting
  3. i can't get past the login screen on the parabot client my password hasn't changed and i've tried like 15 times to make sure i'm not making any typos the entire client freezes for like 30 seconds, then it gives me the 'incorrect password' thing i tried redownloading the client, still happening. it was working fine 2 hours ago. it's also taking a considerable amount of time for the client to even open also, when i try to go to the scripts page of the bdn it says that it can't connect to the database anyone know whats wrong?
  4. just tested it again and everything's working perfectly, must have been an issue on my end earlier.
  5. script seems not to work now for kinglies (havent tested others) it starts, sometimes catches a few, and then just stops. still tries to click but nothing happens as for item id's if you still need them: dragon imps- dragon chainbody - 3140 dragon claws - 14484 (but you probably won't wanna alch this) dragon dagger - 1215 dragon plateskirt - 4585 ruined dragon armour lump - 14472 ruined dragon armour shard - 14476 ruined dragon armour slice - 14474 they also drop onyxes but i presume you wont wanna alch those either zombie boots are 7596
  6. MyNamesRob

    PkHonor updated

    if you use this tutorial you will be
  7. MyNamesRob

    PkHonor updated

    what do i save this as and where? sorry, i have no knowledge of this stuff
  8. looking forward to it i ran the script for about 3 hours earlier today with no problems but now it seems to be not working at all (for zombie imps) it'll buy the jars, then just stop working immediately tried starting it with jars in the inventory and it'll catch them but then it won't try to get more jars, just keeps clicking the same imp
  9. fair enough, i can respect that. what about support for alching the items in your inventory? edit: i see you added it already but it doesn't seem to work for me. does it not work with fire staff?
  10. could you make an option to bank the impling jars instead of opening them?
  11. Ah alright that's good to hear. Thanks for helping, everybody.
  12. Mike just set another update for 30 minutes from now, so does the script need to be updated or something?
  13. This is embarrassing...... Thank you lol.
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