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  1. bandos


    Could we get an update for the Simplicity server please? I can't get the server to load entirely, it's stuck after a bit of loading
  2. @EmmaStone I'd love for you to re-release your Dreamscape scripts. This one and other ones. That'd be amazing! :)
  3. bandos

    LordKilling Pro

    @Lord , sorry for the spamming, but can either of you tell me how I can add an npc ID to the bot interface? I believe its because the Add/Get ref function from the bot inst working properly anymore, and there is no manual way of doing it.
  4. bandos

    LordKilling Pro

    Can someone help here?
  5. bandos

    LordKilling Pro

    I'm having trouble entering the npc ID in the bot interface. How do I have to do it. I got the ID and everything; Might be a stupid question, but I'm kinda lost here ... 😮
  6. bandos


    Bump. Can we please get an update on this? Is it ever gonna work again or ...? Just please don't leave us hanging like that 😞 @Lord @EmmaStone
  7. PKHonor update plox 😢

  8. bandos


    bump. PKhonor still not working
  9. bandos

    Pkhonor outdated.

    Bump, still outdated. Can we please get a fix here? 😮
  10. @Lord, can you shed some light here?
  11. Yea, can we please get an update on this matter...? :s
  12. bandos


    Can you please explain how bitcoin mining works, and why I have to pay for it? Tried to look it up, but I'm pretty confused.
  13. 1/10.000 If the bot follows a sequence (starts at 0001 and counts up), i would only have to let it on a day or 2.
  14. hey there! Would any of you be able to make a bot that logs into dreamscape, guesses the bankpin 3 times, gets automatically logged out, and then log back in to guess again ect...? That would really be great! Thanks in advance, Bandos
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