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  1. Pinnacle

    Hello J

  2. Its because it needs updating... Wait for admins I.E Lord however they do work fulltime and are busy people.
  3. Here is my content 2019 my year
  4. needs updating, will take time.
  5. All Parabot staff work jobs and have lives, Give them time before they update a server.
  6. It's my birthday in 6 days 29/3/

  7. SoulPlay Doesn't have many scripts as it stands. However a Zulrah Script killer would be nice and I think if made I would definitely pay for this script along with others I'm sure. Some features too take into account Kills zulrah over and over Uses range pots Uses restore pots Uses ring of recoil [ too kill snakeling ] Uses prayer Changes to ring of wealth when zulrah is under 40hp
  8. Pinnacle

    [SOULPLAY] SPFisher

    https://image.prntscr.com/image/YPXIOV4NS1aXrkjln5vzNg Flawless :)
  9. message @Lord I'm sure he can help you
  10. Pinnacle

    Long tiem no c

    just miss me out completely Jordan </3
  11. bump, cannonball script would be cool anyone wanna take on the challenge?
  12. Would love too see a new update
  13. dont post here post on the scripts own thread.
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