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  1. They have atleast some detection. I'm not sure what it is but I saw a moderator teleporting to someone near me saying he got a message "from the system" that he was botting. He was indeed botting (didn't respond) and got banned. As far as I know they've added some code to disable interacting with anything ingame whenever your client is not focused.
  2. pWoodcutter has been updated and is able to bank and pick up nests now. (Only draynor willows but other locations will be added soon)
  3. I was going to write a AIO agility script but it's impossible since I'm unable to use the Log balance. It just isn't hooked and I can't find it with the Object debugger.
  4. Alright, get it here. Have fun with it! You'll have to wait untill the SDN compiles the script.
  5. I'll create it, give me some time!
  6. I still know you Welcome back!
  7. You'll never know for sure if you don't try it
  8. This might be useful for some of you. (This is not made by me) http://puu.sh/7rI7P.jar
  9. Maybe you can use this? I'm working on my own woodcutter, which won't be cutting at the same spots. BUT very nice script, it's fast and works flawlessly.
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