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  1. The benefits of the arcade mode is 100% money-guarantee, when killing bosses has that terrible drop chance, 3000 arcade points get you dynamic mystery box which is about 450t
  2. If you have compiled your own script and uploaded it to your parabot folder, please open parabot with -loadlocal to be able to see the script, if it still does not show up, then it is broken.
  3. Load it locally with a cmd, since it has been said 1 million times how to do it and people still does not get it, I created a simple video how to create a batch file that will load parabot locally. Loading it locally helps you see the errors from cmd and post the errors to help the developers or supporters to actually help you with the problem. Here's the video: https://streamable.com/5ene4 And here is the code: @echo off java -jar Client-2.7.jar -loadlocal pause
  4. Parabot will work with java 8, but not java 9 if you have java 9 please downgrade to java 8.
  5. Can you try and login with dreamscape's official client and see if that lets you login? If it does try to teleport to ::home and then try to login with parabot again.
  6. Some scripts might require updating within this update, also please delete your parabot folder, which is automaticly created usually at /Documents/ and then try to start parabot.
  7. Dreamscape should be updated, please clear your cache and enjoy.
  8. Are you sure? I am a sped? Your ignorance to parabot is more than disgusting, how you turn to mocking people when you don't have any proof to back your statements up. I understand, I just answered other guys needs.
  9. How come I've used it for hundreds of hours if it is constantly updating? I wonder.. I guess I'm just an magician.
  10. Unhelpful? Elaborate, please. Also it was not forwarded to you.
  11. The bot is open-source, completly free. It is a hobby not a job. The scripts that are $$$ is to support the scripters, and they are not expensive at all. There is currently only 1 bot beside parabot that will bot rsps for you, which has bad server in them and has "VIP" scripts to make money from vip subs monthly, that is called a job, and not a hobby. This is 100% free and you are not forced to buy anything to use the bot. Other than that there is no any other competitors. Also you come everytime it is updating so.
  12. Dont ping every developer for gods sake, you think they haven't noticed that the client needs updating after 5 million threads and posts? give them time dumbass
  13. There is no way to change your mac address, as it is your pc hardware, but you can try mac spoofer like (https://technitium.com/tmac/) to spoof your mac address
  14. God guys, chill out. Begging, and crying like this wont make them update the server faster. Staff are people afterall. Give it time.
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