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  1. cyber321

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    does this bot automaticly when the anti-afk poison kicks in?
  2. cyber321

    Client is laggy

    If your windows is 32-bit then use the 32bit but if your windows is 64bit then definitly use 64bit java, even tho 32bits works on 64bit aswell on windows10
  3. cyber321

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    I had the same problem, running the parabot thro a bat file fixed it for me, please create a .bat file in the same directory as your parabot client and put this code inside it: @echo off java -jar parabotclientname.jar -loadlocal pause You only need to replace the parabotclientname with your parabot client name, some have it as parabot. The default name when you download it is Client-2.7 so if it is Client-2.7 it should look something like this: @echo off java -jar Client-2.7.jar -loadlocal pause now just run the .bat file and parabot client should open, and use it normally then.
  4. try to replace the code inside of the .bat file with this: @echo off java -jar parabot.jar -loadlocal pause it definitly should work, I just tested and what I can see from the screenshot is that they're both in the same directory. Your .bat file apparently has cd ./ for some reason and there's no reason for it as they're both in the same directory already, just replace your code with my code, having the @echo off can affect it as it enable to be written in cmd without lets say "thinking it is a new command" and parabot prints alot of messages in cmd which cmd might think it is a new command all the time with echo on. I hope this helps! Good luck in your adventure and happy holidays!
  5. cyber321

    Help please

    rename your client to parabot so it will be parabot.jar create a empty notepad in the same folder where parabot.jar is located, put this code inside it: @echo off java -jar parabot.jar -loadlocal pause and press save it as.. and at the menu save it as .bat file instead of .txt file and open it.
  6. cyber321

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    for some reason it doesnt work for me, I've deleted multiple times the cache folder but it gets stuck on downloading META-INF/changes
  7. cyber321

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    yes still down, give it time.
  8. cyber321

    Dreamscape update

    there's a need of a graphical update, there's a sprite at home the ground has sprites and therefore makes parabot lag in ::home when it doesnt lag nowhere else
  9. cyber321

    Got banned, lets appeal

    use a vpn and make a new account.
  10. cyber321

    Bot for OS-Scape?

  11. cyber321

    Parabot loading Fail

    Name your parabot client jar to Parabot and create in the same folder a .bat file and put inside the .bat file this code: @echo off java -jar parabot.jar -loadlocal pause Then open the .bat file and a cmd should open and parabot, don't close the cmd, run parabot as usual, when it stops working check ur cmd and post a screenshot of the errors.
  12. cyber321

    Parabot loading Fail

    What java version do you have? The only thing that I can think of that could cause that at the moment is too old java or java9 Try to update you java to newest java8 version and load it again.
  13. cyber321

    Client has been updated error

    Try deleting the cache and downloading the nightly client http://v3.bdn.parabot.org/api/bot/download/client?nightly=true
  14. cyber321


    is it possible that it loots something from the ground like to input the id of the item and it would loot