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  1. jewqu

    cant load

    https://gyazo.com/b15377e4c113ddcd8444e3382ab7d3a6 why i get this when trying to play dreamscape ?
  2. buying 3b alora gold for 100 dollars , mm is must
  3. im freezing on the same spot , tryed deleting chace but stil gets stuck
  4. jewqu

    Alora gold

    Selling alora gold 100m/5$ middleman or you go first . hit me up here or at discord> jeremo #5823
  5. jewqu

    Os-Scape for osrs

    Trading oscape for osrs contact me on skype : jerethduuud rate 150k / 1m
  6. jewqu

    Runique Auto Voter

    Whats the best way to transfer the boxes , since you cant trade on accounts from same device ?
  7. @EmmaStone allright , trying to find a seller pretty hard tho :/
  8. Buying roatpkz for oldschool runescape You go first or trought middleman message me about your swap rates
  9. jewqu


    Hey , could some one make script to runique, that kills blue dragons at donator slayer cave and banks the bones ? Banking part should be pretty easy ? since you can just do ::bank as donator every two mins If need donator account to make the script i can borrow my acc on runique ( if some one can make this script just for me i could pay for it to )
  10. jewqu


    buying 5b runique 4$ / b
  11. jewqu


    so 7,50 for 1.5 ?got skype or anything ?
  12. jewqu


    resent to much not going to pay 10$ / bill lol
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