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  1. jewqu

    buying 3b alora for 100$

    buying 3b alora gold for 100 dollars , mm is must
  2. jewqu

    Selling Dreamscape Gold

    on stock atm .. ?
  3. jewqu

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    will you be updating it ?
  4. jewqu

    client not loading dreamscape

    im freezing on the same spot , tryed deleting chace but stil gets stuck
  5. jewqu

    Alora gold

    Selling alora gold 100m/5$ middleman or you go first . hit me up here or at discord> jeremo #5823
  6. jewqu

    Os-Scape for osrs

    Trading oscape for osrs contact me on skype : jerethduuud rate 150k / 1m
  7. jewqu


    Buying roatpkz for oldschool runescape You go first or trought middleman message me about your swap rates
  8. jewqu

    Runique Auto Voter

    Whats the best way to transfer the boxes , since you cant trade on accounts from same device ?
  9. jewqu


    @EmmaStone allright , trying to find a seller pretty hard tho :/
  10. jewqu


    Hey , could some one make script to runique, that kills blue dragons at donator slayer cave and banks the bones ? Banking part should be pretty easy ? since you can just do ::bank as donator every two mins If need donator account to make the script i can borrow my acc on runique ( if some one can make this script just for me i could pay for it to )
  11. jewqu


    buying 5b runique 4$ / b
  12. jewqu


    Any one selling gold for runique paying trought paypal if under 20 feedbacks , need middleman
  13. jewqu


    so 7,50 for 1.5 ?got skype or anything ?
  14. jewqu


    resent to much not going to pay 10$ / bill lol
  15. jewqu


    how much you want $ / b ?
  16. jewqu


    Any one could help me compile script ?
  17. jewqu


    Why my parabot doesn´t find the script ? i did everything like in the video o.o https://gyazo.com/498de6d0893141437c35dc8616e850ee
  18. jewqu

    ikov gold

    Will any one be selling ikov gold for paysafecards ? contact me on skype , jerethduuud
  19. jewqu

    Buying 20b ikov gold

    Hello , im looking for 10-20b ikov gold 1-2$/b Im going to pay trought paypal !
  20. jewqu

    Help please :)

    Ok , thanks!
  21. jewqu

    Help please :)

    http://gyazo.com/7b16646e8a4b5ae86bf8e16fb88b935c Any one know how to fix this ?
  22. jewqu

    parabot client

    I just bought my VIP and now my client lags here , what to do ? http://gyazo.com/195d3526b0aa45f88eb65076186bbe92
  23. jewqu

    parabot client

    I have tryed both it just doesn´t work on my "main" account...
  24. jewqu

    parabot client

    Its on my account i got some kinda bug... On my vip account it gives me the white screen , but when i made new it works normal ... So is there chance to trasfer my vip to new account or something ?