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  1. Ariana Grande is our Goddess. All bow down.
  2. ZammyIsUrGod


    I love Paradox & Ariana Grande.
  3. Oh yeah? Well, I have been doing everything legit and no XP Wasting when you're creating scripts... and I'm 41 cb and ranked 4k.. so yeah. Thanx
  4. This is absolute madness, the only verdict is vengeance. We shall #banhammer Paradox.
  5. Okay, I'll do it in like 30mins, busy cleaning my room/ bout to eat dinner. xP
  6. I'll make paints for anyone that needs it.
  7. ZammyIsUrGod

    Dns Crash

    Thank you Jeroen <3
  8. I'll make you one. Give me a minute. I made a template in C4D. It looks badass.
  9. Holy shit, can you not read. IT ENDED.
  10. How did you find out about ParaBot? Google searched: RSPS Bot. Are you going to continue to use ParaBot? Well hipdipledly motherfucking yes What server do you mostly use ParaBot on? Project RS06 How do you think we should get more users? I am a video maker and in the middle of making a great advertisement video for this site.
  11. Hello, You most have probably knew me as ZammyIsUrGod; however, I changed my name to Vajanyi. So, the whole reason I am making this thread is for people who make scripts and need a GUI. I will make you one for free unless you want to be nice and send some money over to me on Paypal or PRS06 GP. Basically, just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll do my best. Thank you.
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