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  1. Witch server is this for ? :)
  2. naksuasd

    Lets play CSGO

    Come play with meh :)
  3. Fixing relog random would help.
  4. naksuasd

    Need a script?

    Hi. I feel bored so i would write a script for Ikov. Reply or pm me your ideas. Simple scripts will be free :)
  5. Also got banned in few minutes with fresh acc, mac and ip :/
  6. even playing legit with random ip and mac with fresh acc gets me banned in 5 minutes
  7. I think this problem only occurs for mac's
  8. how about mac users. Also i have had this for weeks now
  9. I agree, when i create fresh account with new mac address & ip, i got banned in 5 minutes.
  10. naksuasd

    Ikov woodcutting

    make variable lastChop if ((currentTime - lastChop) > 30 seconds) { interact nearest tree } enjoy
  11. Gives me error "unsafe operation blocked" because length of field name is like 90000 chars.
  12. Hi guys, i'm having troubles changing field values on ikov because of obfuscation. Would someone share here working snippet for example changing chatbox message? Thanks in advance :)
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