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  1. Blackman3226

    Selling IKOV | rs3 |

    ​2.00 p/b / 0.30 p/m = 6.66666m Im asking for less then the required rate... So no prices will not come down as they are fair for everyone.
  2. Blackman3226

    Selling IKOV | rs3 |

    Wanting to trade my IKOV for RS3 Rate will be 1b/6m Will not accept any other kind of payment as im only interested in rs3
  3. Blackman3226

    RS3 for ikov

    Buying RS3 for IKOV 7m rs3 = 1b IKOV Jake.lee52 skype
  4. Blackman3226

    IKOV rocktail bot

    I would like to see/use this script!
  5. Blackman3226


    Hey thanks for the script i have compiled it but am unable to find it in my list of scripts. Edit getting this error while trying to compile with all 3 files (banking/fishing/core) http://puu.sh/h0N7a/5351eb2d77.png
  6. Blackman3226


    Please just in need of a incredibly simple fishing script.. Does not need paint or anything.. Just need a simple script to fish Monkfish and bank them.. Hope someone can help thank in advance.
  7. Blackman3226


    Hey guys.. So i have just recently learnt how to compile scripts.. But im unsure how to compile scripts that people have posted to GitHub.. When people post the full raw source on for example.. Pastebin im able to compile that i understand it.. But i have no idea how to compile the scripts uploaded to GitHub.. There is like 4-5 files some times and im getting so confused.. Im hoping someone can share a guide i was unable to find or explain it or even make a guide to help me and anyone else in the community confused hope you can help! Blackman3226
  8. Blackman3226


    If someone can release a mining bot.. As simple as just mining mith ore and dropping it.. and then add it to the SDN by this weekend i will give you lots and lots and lots of sexual favours
  9. Blackman3226


    Unfortunately i cant get my head around installing no sdn scripts no matter how many times i read guides hope this becomes sdn