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  1. https://github.com/phl0w/parabot/blob/master/org/phl0w/parabot/util/antirandoms/impl/Genie.java Just change line #29 to click the genie instead of System#exit()
  2. phl0w

    Hi niggs

    y u no say hi flow
  3. phl0w

    help please asap?

    Walking is indeed broken for PKHonor at the moment. You could contact and ask for a fix but i'm not sure if he'll do it. And yes, by any means post your scripts on the forum
  4. phl0w

    help please asap?

    Debug -> Map then the location will be: [xxxx, yyyy, plane/height]
  5. Lets you read chat messages
  6. Actually, the name Amon sounds familiar to me from something else. Not trying to give him too much credit because doxing and bruteforcing anyone can do, but I think he's not just pkhonor. He may actually be someone from ba.net, the name is just so familiar to me. I
  7. Believe me, I've been down the IP grabbers road, there's literally nothing you can do with someone's IP except for get the general idea of where the person lives. Unless you are running some software that opens ports (e.g. a private server) which contains a vulnerability they can exploit remotely.
  8. Oh my god, I just realized he probably is an admin/moderator on a private server and is using the IP's to find botters. He seems to have a few alternate accounts, Wishy is one that I'm 99% sure of.
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