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  1. Botterino


    This still brings me back memories.
  2. Been awhile my friend...

    just for the old times look at this lol


    1. Pinnacle


      @Botterino dam bro u inactive 😞

  3. Botterino

    Hello J

    I rarely go on it but o well better than coming I suppose sent friend request on disc, 6 am now tho imma dip
  4. Sorry for bit delayed answer, never did get banned Did multiculturalism fuck you yet on uk
  5. From 150-200 a year to two and this is one of them. Feelsbadman.
  6. It is been a long time, I remembered I was part of this forum today. I lost contact with this community but I would like to thank many people who helped me stay here and be accepted while I was an anoying motherfucker growing up. Hopefully I get to talk to jeroen another time, if anyone can send me his discord/invite to stack I'd appreciate.
  7. And over 150 in 2015, I miss the old times. It is not far away from closing guys.
  8. Botterino

    Im not dead. RIP

    parabot in 2016 lul
  9. come back #1 section mod

    1. Botterino


      I am barely active, pm me on skype if needed.

    2. Pinnacle


      new skype @ pm xo

  10. Botterino


    is it that time of the year
  11. You can purchase level 20+ accounts by pming. You can also purchase my powerleveling service. Leveling up two accounts 1-20 for free. All done thru pm.
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