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  1. Botterino

    Hello J

    I rarely go on it but o well better than coming I suppose sent friend request on disc, 6 am now tho imma dip
  2. Botterino

    Hello J

    join the slack
  3. Botterino

    Two threads in random in 2018.

    From 150-200 a year to two and this is one of them. Feelsbadman.
  4. Botterino

    Two threads in random in 2018.

    Sorry for bit delayed answer, never did get banned Did multiculturalism fuck you yet on uk
  5. Botterino


    It is been a long time, I remembered I was part of this forum today. I lost contact with this community but I would like to thank many people who helped me stay here and be accepted while I was an anoying motherfucker growing up. Hopefully I get to talk to jeroen another time, if anyone can send me his discord/invite to stack I'd appreciate.
  6. Botterino

    you are all faggots

    fucking amazing guys going to school stay in school kids also smoke weed why not
  7. And over 150 in 2015, I miss the old times. It is not far away from closing guys.
  8. Botterino

    Im not dead. RIP

    parabot in 2016 lul
  9. Botterino


    is it that time of the year
  10. Botterino

    Pokemon:GO account training/sales!

    You can purchase level 20+ accounts by pming. You can also purchase my powerleveling service. Leveling up two accounts 1-20 for free. All done thru pm.
  11. Botterino

    Pokemon:GO account training/sales!

  12. OVER 1500+ MEMBERS OVER 4000+ UNIQUE ACCOUNTS GENERATED Your invitation code: ACCSKYREFJ2016 List of websites supported: - Netflix - Spotify - CrunchyRoll - ESPN Insider - Hulu Plus - Minecraft - Tidal HIFI - WWE - NFL - Origin - Pandora One - UFC - Brazzers - DirecTV - Fitbit - Uber - BangBros - Chaturbate & MUCH MORE! (All of these websites might or might not be in stock) Payment Methods: - PayPal - Bitcoin - Amazon Gift Card *Prices might differ depending on the payment method chosen.
  13. Botterino

    Selling/Buying os-scape blood money

    Pm me, I will be buying/selling for 07 gp and maybe btc. Got some stock to sell atm and looking to buy more aswell.
  14. It is a new coin, just like BTC, LTC, DOGE and it basically works as a pyramid system, where you can earn money by inviting people. https://lbry.io/get?r=Uupe7 If anybody registers there with my login, I will pm them saying how to make some extra bucks with that. Cheers.
  15. Botterino

    you are all faggots

    hey kristian
  16. Botterino

    Hiring coder

    Need a rsps related program, contact me if you can do it for free or being paid.
  17. Botterino

    random is dead as my sex activity

    where phl0w, no mas leche, dave at? ffs post something in here so we can discuss while sipping our teas made of pussy liquid
  18. Botterino

    random is dead as my sex activity

    ay lessgo how did u do that
  19. Botterino

    Terrorist attacks

    they know they can end this with 1 button but they also know it is not worth it
  20. When trading with paypal, might ask for ID confirmation. Price is $0.65/b, bulk deals will be done. Accepting 07/rs3/bitcoin/paypal. For my skype -> pm me. My worker's skype -> hxmonsegur
  21. Botterino

    Roast Me.

    You are a shit moderator who got up by sucking the good old lord Jeroen, your life is failure, you got no lucky with girls because you look and smell like shit, you think doing something rough like playing that monkey-look-like thing is good since your brain has close to no activity. Someday you will wake up and realise this, so it is not to late to suicide, you alcooholic piece of shit.
  22. Botterino

    Interested in Buying a GOOD RSPS

    not sure since I dont understand what his problem is aswell
  23. Botterino

    Runique fixed & Parabot release V2.4.5

    ye for only a small loan of a million dollars
  24. Botterino

    Runique fixed & Parabot release V2.4.5

    good script one that dupes 1 trillion per second