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  1. congrats on sw why isnt your itbuyer on sdn :(?? or smither??

    1. phl0w


      How do you know about them? :o

    2. NoMasLeche


      gordo lol you should add em tho

    3. NoMasLeche


      pls its the pb krew.

  2. NoMasLeche

    [PkHonor] Failed to load server provider.

    I am not able to load PKHonor. Any solutions?
  3. NoMasLeche

    [PkHonor] Failed to load server provider.

    What was weird is I just loaded PkHonor. Then I couldnt get it back up.
  4. NoMasLeche

    About scripts and Sw Ranks.

    praise based phl0w. he needs sw he will mopp all of u up in a scripting battle. he actually cares about his scripts and doesnt leave his page with unanswered questions unlike someothers. aka bear. has so many scripts he doesnt even care to update any of thm i think he has like 1 actually working script and 5 scipts up in total
  5. NoMasLeche

    How to compile a raw paste?

    did not help
  6. NoMasLeche

    How to compile a raw paste?

    I don't get it at all like what how do i get the script text and make it a .jar file????? explain the tut is like meant for coders only please help. you effort to explain is appreciated
  7. NoMasLeche

    Simba question.

    I just need to run a 317 revision how hard could it they can do it with rs3 and osrs what do you need the webclient source link?
  8. NoMasLeche

    Simba question.

    How do i make simba open an rsps client? like Pkhonor pleaseeeeeee
  9. NoMasLeche

    About this community

    I can just show them my ban request so it doesn't affect me in anyway or shape or form.
  10. NoMasLeche

    About this community

    I am no mas leche and i approve of this message. Please check market for accounts tho I am selling currently. I am trusted and looking for a buyer.
  11. NoMasLeche

    I'll be gone

    i cri errytime
  12. you will get to know me and deal with it cus im cancerino

    1. JKetelaar


      I'm suprised i only read that by now

  13. NoMasLeche

    The post your desktop game

    manager from pb
  14. NoMasLeche

    I am kanker

    ye u wot