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  1. UnknownUser

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    This was prior to rules, So i don't think that counts
  2. UnknownUser

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    Aha, I sold over 500b ikov gp you think i made that shit legit? (': ahahah fuckkkkk no Oh lord... the relevance of that picture literally makes me feel sorry for your intelligence
  3. UnknownUser

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    You don't think i do?
  4. UnknownUser

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    You fucking stupid? I have the ikov db u fucking nobody Bug abuse loled only some one like you would use that crap All I'm doing is trying to help out then here is use trying to start something Wishy you're still such a soft cock trying to start hate on every post I make (':
  5. UnknownUser

    Ikov - Lying to it's players?

    What was user I'll see if I can get pass Just to double check
  6. UnknownUser

    Taking requests

    No i meant to script for soulsplit you need scripter rank
  7. UnknownUser

    [RSPSM] Hiring Scripters

    Add my skype ethanspeeder1
  8. UnknownUser

    Who's Excited!?

    This is not my first account, As you should know that.
  9. UnknownUser

    Taking requests

    He doesn't have scripter title.
  10. UnknownUser

    Who's Excited!?

    Most parabot members are scummy new members who are clueless what happened prior to them joining...
  11. UnknownUser

    2006 Private Server

    No media needed on a server request
  12. UnknownUser

    IKOV resetting?

    Pm me user I'll tell you pass An don't ask this again Scripts don't have fuckig key loggers
  13. UnknownUser

    [B] Ikov GP ->PayPal<-

  14. UnknownUser

    [PKHonor] nImps // Barehanded Imp Catcher

    Just learn to compile a god dam script for fuck sake Multiple tutorials around
  15. UnknownUser

    Please, for the love of God

    I whipped that script up in 20 mins at 3 am in the morning brah stfu (': Cute isn't it?