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  1. hairycunt

    Ikov broken

    When loading ikov it says outdated hooks please report to staff, yes i cleared cache and everything.
  2. I cleared cache multiple times, deleted all ikov and parabot files and redownloaded, still getting message when i attempt to login to server "ikov has been updated"
  3. No thank you, I lurked around here for a long time but decided to join the community because I see the effort you and this group put out. If I'm ever able to help out I'd be more than willing!
  4. Hey Paradox, just tried your script wanted to give you an update. Not sure if it's supposed to be this slow, but it makes the bolts maybe once every two seconds. Manually doing it by hand I have the ability to go about five times faster so I'm sure the script could go way quicker, just wanted to give you some feedback! Thanks for the script!
  5. Pm me your skype details please, i'd like to talk to you about a very profitable ikov script

  6. Been searching all over for someone who wants to write a script! I have a money making method better than anything you've ever seen. Better than frosts. No antiban needed, only thing you do is sit at a bank. Only reason a macro wont work is there is a built in antiban in the server than moves the screen slightly over time so it eventually clicks off bank. Please pm me your skype details, and we can come to an agreement!
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