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  3. jamieb

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    so do most people..
  4. jamieb

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    bit of a joke, i bought scripts the next day it was down and has stayed down. Surely wouldnt take him no longer then an hour, could even add afk arcade script to the thieving one at same time ^.^. its upsetting because ive seen a few people that seemed to be botting on ds so obviously using private ones. shame really.
  5. jamieb

    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    dead ops v5.9823
  6. jamieb

    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    client still down? xD
  7. jamieb

    Dreamscape was just updated

    Sorry man didnt know it was a one man band, gl with the update really wanting it haha
  8. jamieb

    Dreamscape was just updated

    still down this is dead ops
  9. jamieb

    Dreamscape was just updated

    needs updating again?
  10. jamieb

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    client need updating again? pls fix
  11. jamieb

    [Server Updated] Dreamscape

    Yo, the bot was fine last night, tried again this morning it runs opens up to login to dreamscape and says the client has been updated, please restart and update your client. do i have to wait for an update from parabot or is there a fix? ive just bought scripts also so a bit of a let down for now. please let me know what the situation is thanks.
  12. jamieb

    AIO Voldermort

    how do i disable soulsplit keeps just puttiong ss on then not doing anything lol
  13. jamieb

    AIO Voldermort

    bro non of the servers are loading with parabot for me? is there a fix?
  14. jamieb

    New Bot Develoepr

    boys i might just be being stupid but what client can we use now since both pkhonor/dreamscape are outdated with parabot client is there a fix would be highly greatful x
  15. jamieb

    buying dreamscape gp

    holla me buying all ds gp.