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  1. This guy is a scammer

  2. Would you take paypal? I'm interested in buying anywhere from 50-100b pkhonor
  3. Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I've played Pkhonor and I'm dead broke haha! I'm looking to buy anywhere from 50-150b depending on the price. If you're selling please pm me or post here with your skype! I don't mind going first as long as you're trusted, but if you're not then you will be going first; if you're concerned about my trustworthiness feel free to view my feedback :). Thanks for taking your time to read this, hope to see you on skype soon, - Ron
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, Infinity is hands down THE BEST seller of PKH gp. He sold me over 200b over several trades, and I have NEVER had a problem with his service. He continues to set the industry standard and always impresses me with his professional and elegant attitude! Do not be afraid to buy, he is the only seller that I truly trust 100%! Also, I have always gone first in every single trade!
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