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  1. Selling a death account with some 2b stats and obviously morph ring, and a few points away from full morph ring charge. Only taking serious offers.
  2. XPkerX

    Parabot Client wont open?

    So, the Parabot client wont open for me. I try to open it (see a window pop up for like 0.01 seconds) and it just disappears without loading, rofl. Any fix?
  3. Autoclicking and some useful scripts my friend made. ;) oh, and some ghostmousing n shit.
  4. Oh what the fuck? Didn't even see those bans as i dont play that much anymore O_o
  5. Oh shit, could've sworn I posted them. One moment. http://m.imgur.com/wExoVks,YDUHCFS
  6. I'm pretty much quitting RS3 now that my membership on that account has ran out. The account has about 50m worth of items on it. I've been a few times banned on it, so don't bot too much on it anymore! Most stats are botted but I haven't botted in the past 3 months, and mainly pvmed & transfered the shit to osrs. Some stats have obviously been blurred out, but you get the picture =-) Offers? I will only take rsgp (osrs and rs3) so I can start once again, heh
  7. LMAO i feel honoured, the darn owner even responds! ahaha cya???
  8. nigga go get some fucks if you lost them
  9. So a while ago there was some confusion shit about me claiming i was fungamer with the dupe shit well im not lmfao! i wanted to make a profit from y'all niggas but some of your fag ass script writers fucked this shit up well played niggas
  10. http://qph.is.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-00d85300e2152b650581a20300696140?convert_to_webp=true
  11. Nope. I'm 18 years old & turning 19 on the 2nd of october.
  12. The moment when the post about duping goes over to a post about wishy's succes
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