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  1. ProvenIt


    Hello, i am running Ubuntu and i am wondering how i can run scripts not in the sdn? I have everything but I cannot run the run.bat due to it being linux OS... any solutions?
  2. Im aware, I said if it is decent i'll be tipping
  3. Hi, I am looking for a scripter to make a very easy private smithing script for PKH that only has to bank at home and teleport to a specific location. Just PM me to iron over the details! (Most likely will tip the scripter as this script is very easy, but private)
  4. I'm completely calm and if you don't like it suck me. and thank you (referring to post below)
  5. Paradox should go a tiny bit faster XD not trying to be unappreciative but still
  6. ProvenIt

    Pkhonor down!

    Need an update for Pkhonor as well as for other servers
  7. ProvenIt

    Parabot Down

    I hope it's fixed soon.
  8. I need this but for buying prayer pots and bonemeal could someone do it?
  9. ProvenIt

    kGoldMiner [PKHonor]

    Could you add Random support please?
  10. Can this get added to the SDN?
  11. Could this get added to the SDN?
  12. ProvenIt

    kGoldMiner [PKHonor]

    Does not support randoms!
  13. ProvenIt

    kGoldMiner [PKHonor]

    Won't start even after restarting the client? EDIT: Working now but at times the script won't start
  14. ProvenIt

    kGoldMiner [PKHonor]

    Does not bank! EDIT: Restarted the client and it is working smoothly.
  15. It says 49 errors or something
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