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  1. No, we made some progress in some free time but haven't committed to completing and releasing it.
  2. Shadowrs


    PKHonor is one server that takes botting seriously and actively works to defeat parabot, so when we get it working it will be behind a paywall (Sponsor)
  3. No, the team is currently busy. I assume it's been down for over a month. Earliest I personally can address it is in a few weeks.
  4. Dreamscape freezes on 32bit. Make sure you have 64bit java installed
  5. Shadowrs


    Assuming you mean on a web browser, try clearing cache or using a different browser, or change the password so (if you're on chrome) when it tries to auto login you get invalid password instead.
  6. Shadowrs

    imagine ps

    54 players 5:30am GMT but I'll look into it
  7. I guess it doesn't happen on the official DS client. Haven't heard of that before.
  8. I think alora is OSRS and there isn't support for that yet, won't be any time soon
  9. I'm guessing thats dreamscape? Do Features -> Clear Cache then re-run. Make sure java is 64bit
  10. Shadowrs


    Does it go black when you load the bot or randomly during gameplay while ingame?
  11. Shadowrs

    unable to log in

    Still have this issue? Its sometimes the spam filter
  12. What message does it give you? Screenshot?
  13. Hi ya'll. I've created an Unofficial Discord which anyone can join if you're chilling or interested in Parabot. I thought for anyone who didn't want to go through the effort of sending an email to get a Slack invite, here you go. https://discord.gg/BmBnn9t Slack is still the only Official communication channel outside the forums and it's what the Parabot team has used 2015-2018 and will keep using, since it has Git integration etc. To get an invite to Slack just drop an email to [email protected] So.. who's still about in 2018? Anyone botting?
  14. 868 posts hello active user
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