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  1. A common way to troubleshoot problems i have is to try turning it off and on again
  2. Yea when they released that thing that said they wont allow modified clients starting on a certain date i stopped playing as soon as the announcement came out and 2 weeks before the date and hadn't logged onto parabot since. But Pkhonor still banned me for botting which means that had the bot/client detection detection system before. However i tried to appeal the ban and they accepted my appeal all they did was remove the things i was botting for the past month and reset my highly botted skills like agility and mining and smithing which were 2b Everything else i got to keep even tho i botted for it too. Which they didnt implement the detection system too long before the announcement
  3. Lol i botted and got banned but i made a dumb excuse like im sorry i just wanted pvp gear and acted all sad and they unbanned me.
  4. I havent botted on pkhonor ssince they issue the bot warning update but i still got bot banned that sucks ffs
  5. crow78

    Account ban

    No i dont believe it was in for a few months. I played the last few months botting regularly on my main who is pretty high on top scores. I was aiming for getting an all maxed account like burnotbobpk but after they said they will start banning botting accounts i stopped playing and i havent been banned. So the bot detection wasnt out for the past few months. Most likely what happened was what lord said about the ip or mac banned
  6. I noticed a way u can tell if someone is a bot in pkhonor a while ago. I dont know how pkhonor is just catching up lol. I even confronted a guy with 500m+ hunter xp and my method of seeing if he botted showed he botted but he denied so hard.
  7. That 2 players on pkhonor's top highscores with maxed xp (olny 6 in the world) were botters. They got banned 6 months for borntobepk and perm for the other player. They trying to stop bots. They also said they forbidding external clients or someshit read on the pkhonor fourm https://forums.pkhonor.net/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=58842 Guess i will lower the amount of xp my bot is giving my main from now on lol Also anyone think this is serious or something. I spent alot of hours on my main. I hope they dont know i bot
  8. I dont understand why you want torva and custom whips when you are buying a death account. U pvm with death lol
  9. crow78

    PKHonor hotfix

    To change the version this script uses, you have to change the code u had before u compiled it, so while the code is in the notepad and change the version number from the part where it says int set_to_version = 112; mine is at 112 from a while ago. I dont know what the current version is but it would help if someone tells me what it is at right now
  10. I have a maxed pkhonor acc with full torva soul whip and a chaos whip, no death what would u offer
  11. yo can i give u a premium acc if u give me a free script
  12. i have the minified old jar. Do i just download this new one and paste it into my parabot folder and thats it or do i have to do something else and delete my old jar and change my .bat file
  13. To train agility in pkhonor it is better to hunt black warloacks for 2b agil xp but for 1-99 u can do gnome and wildy course but it is less xp
  14. This is great at alching my kingly imps, but can u make it so when we have an inferno adze in our inv it will chop nearby magic trees so we can get lots of pkpoints from it choping magic logs and alching at the same time
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