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  1. Minhaj308

    Selling Pkhonor Morph Ring account!

    I'll buy it
  2. Incorrect, AFK on PkHonor whilst using Parabot while Billy, Mike, or Rapsey are on and they will message you and ask you to log onto a normal client.
  3. Minhaj308


    Is it safe now?
  4. Minhaj308

    Pkhonor in need of an update it appears

    Hi Billy
  5. Minhaj308

    PkHonor Updated

    Are you sure we won't get banned if we log on through Parabot?
  6. Minhaj308

    PKHonor hotfix

    Can this be updated please?
  7. Minhaj308

    BDN down time

    Its up... He already made a post bud
  8. Minhaj308

    BDN Back up and running!

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your work. It was only a minor update, I doubt it would take you much long.
  9. Minhaj308

    BDN Back up and running!

    Can you update PkHonor now please?
  10. Minhaj308

    Can't Even Login To Parabot Client

    It's up
  11. Minhaj308

    BDN down time

    Can you give us an estimated time or update us with the progress you've made so far?
  12. Minhaj308

    [PkHonor] Barehand Imps and Butterflies

    /tmp/jc_13573/Alch.java:33: error: illegal start of statement else ^ 1 error No idea what this is
  13. Minhaj308

    [Pkhonor] PElves

    Can you also add the options for cannon or perhaps souls whip?
  14. I was wondering if you could update the Minimals Runecrafting script