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  1. markplatt

    PKH 93B. 0.5$ Rate

    Is it all sold??
  2. markplatt

    Buying pkhonor gold (markplatt)

    Trying to buy 25-50b pkhonor gold, msg me!
  3. Need to buy pkhonor gold!! have money rn

  4. markplatt

    PK Honor - Bils for sale, Cheap rates!

    still for sale?
  5. markplatt

    Pkhonor banned from transfering items :/

    wtf well what if you just use a proxy and trade between accounts and then stake your friend or acc u want it on the same amount but don't hit him
  6. markplatt

    eLfs bot

    Message me when this is fixed, i might want to buy
  7. markplatt

    Pkhonor Gp

    I would like to buy!
  8. markplatt

    PKH Gp for sale, $ Or OSRS Gp for it.

    Message me I really need to buy some pkh gold
  9. hey i sell pkh bills let me know if you are interested 

    1. markplatt


      I am contact me


  10. markplatt

    PkHonor Gold Shop [Negotiable rates]

    I am looking to buy! Please contact me.
  11. markplatt

    Selling PKhonor Gold

    I am trying to buy pkhonor gold
  12. quick and easy trading with paypal, do recommend this guy