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    MY SOULSPLIT NAME IS DOMRECUSKICD! silly mods, don't read it backwards (:

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  1. My skype is Erosesrain, contact me can use middle man, as for prices we can negotiate.
  2. pm for skype, what rates you are asking.
  3. how much gp do you have? idlike to buy 10b, what are your rates?
  4. I just don't use it, like ever >.< and ty
  5. Has lunars/bgloves / ancients/ 4 Torsos Dragon defender, Fire cape 4x every penance item http://gyazo.com/0a2472e6e024b4088527daf382dc3e4a makes 1m+ an hour R/cing nats has 1m NMZ Points I take 07 / Paypal as payment, message me offers
  6. Good luck with the gold farming man, Hope it works!
  7. Selling 60b+ SS2 cash, have 35-40b ish in items for sale, $5.75/1b Via paypal Also selling a Comped Legends account An extreme account maxed 138cb with klin Vanguard all chaotics, 99 slayer 99 herblore A Dice account with 20b+ rank and much much more, if interested in any accounts message me, will be using a middle man, Email comes with any account you wish to buy.
  8. Rs3 Gp or 07? I have a ton of ssgp in stock, selling ssgp at $5.75 / 1b! pm me for skype?
  9. selling items such as bunny ears, bobble scarfs colored infinit and more cheap, because it's not money. Message me if interested, I also have 70b+ GP in stock but my rates for gp are $7.75 per 1b or 2.8m 07
  10. buying 150m ish 07gp for $350 if interested pm me for skype, WILL BE USING MIDDLE MAN AND DOING IN FRACTIONS
  11. I have 70b+ ssgp in stock i willinbox you my skype
  12. My rates are $7.75 / 1b or 2.8m 07 gp per 1b, message me over parabot for my skype
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