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    How the HELL do I logout of BDN? My forums acc is the right one but the BDN isnt, it was an old account, and I can't find a way to logout of the BDN
  2. Odd, I am, but I'll try it again. Thanks @Lord. I'll also try not being ::home @Gozmit. Thanks
  3. Anyone else having this issue? I can load the client and login and its perfectly fine for about 5 seconds, then it laggs and incredible amount, then the clients freezes. Any fix?
  4. I did the last trade with him before his acc was banned :/
  5. lol I have a lol I have a video of the confirmation and now it says invalid password. So don't say anything until you have all the info.
  6. I didn't know where to put it, so if It needs to be moved please move it. I was scammed by boredofikov. He was selling an account for Dreamscape cash and I did it. He then proceeded to take back the account after I had already made changes to it resulting in me losing money on Ikov and Dreamscape. His name on both is "World X". He hasn't responded on Skype, and if he is reading this then post under here and message me on skype to work this out. If not I will leave this post. Again, World x, and on parabot boredofikov scammed me.
  7. I posted this in another area as I wasn't sure where it should go, but I need a mm for the RSPS IKOV and Dreamscape, quick thanks
  8. if you've tried ZMI in ikov you would know the NPC's in there are aggressive and they will kill you.
  9. Okay Lord, thanks :] I've tried many of your scripts haha they all seem to work great ;] Thanks again for making them! Edit: Oh and do you think you could pm me or something when this is done? I really wanna use it haha, thanks
  10. Tysm!! :] Just out of curiosity, do you know roughly when? Don't wanna rush you just so close to maxing my char! :P Thank you
  11. I know there are already some runecrafting scripts and ZMI scripts, but IMO none of them are the best, and for the ZMI scripts none of them support eating. I was just wondering if anyone could make a ZMI script that supports eating (or update the ones that don't). Or even make a Runecrafting script that just crafts certain runes. I've tested the available ones and they just aren't efficient as you die way too often at ZMI. If possible thanks, and if not I understand as well. I just don't want to grind all that for 99 rc! Thanks guys. :]
  12. Yeah, I posted another topic too. It wont let me login to the Parabot program
  13. therscaper

    New Update W/ Code?

    Hello, I tried logging in to my Parabot client and it says to login to my BDN and when I try to login to my BDN it just pops up a message saying "2fae" any help? Okay, I logged into the BDN website and enabled two factor login/authentication, but it still wont let me login to the actual program. Help pleaseee
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