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  1. any update for pk honor 2018/10/11?
  2. i can be moderator if you need one just add vroumgeton on skype if need
  3. can someon show me how to compile script i try my self with the tutorial not working still fk with the jdk xd any can compile me some script like this one on my pc? contact vroumgeton on skype thx
  4. how long it take to admin or someon to update that
  5. thx to update im :( is out dated
  6. yoloqc


    can some admin can update the laucher for pkhonor bot plz
  7. plz update the version of the bot thx
  8. yoloqc

    PkH gold website

    http://gamerqc57.wix.com/pkhgold the website Skype vroumgeton contacte me...
  9. yoloqc

    PKH Gold

    i sell donator statu(4b) if you want it is 10 usd by paypal add vroumgeton skype
  10. i have prem acount for sale offer me on my skype vroumgeton


    1. Xlayer


      Add me xlayer123

  11. add me vroumgeton i need to talk about script thx


  12. yes i have pay for canon ball maker from kozs and is a scrapt i went to smelt bar at prem zone and it not for smelt bar and c ball so make one plz
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