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  1. Wow nice cant wait to use it im buyin vip right fkin now
  2. scenery


    Hopped on just to say chaosps is not Ikov whatsoever.
  3. Lol. I can assure you it's not infected. It's not even a remake, literally just a name being used in hopes of marketing. It's also working well for them. Off topic: you find a prom date yet? I heard stefn's having troubles.
  4. Sweet. Can't wait to try out these new slick bots!
  5. scenery

    eStaking - Beta

    Wow I bet your cash pouch must be dripping red with gp! Can't wait to buy this and become the most richest player ever!
  6. banned all my accs 8/8

    1. scenery


      r u still mad man im sorry i didnt mean to..


    2. Botterino


      I secretly loved you all this time

    3. scenery
  7. banned all my accs 8/8

  8. yes very gr8 ideas i have some good money methods that are easily exploitable mayb they will bemade into script??
  9. cool emote which 1 is that? :doge: You get unbanned yet or nah i heard u got b& 4 nothing?
  10. alright cool i didnt get anything last time which kinda sucks ty ur nice
  11. wot m8 you make it sound like i was part of this idk i didnt get rolled back im not mod scenery idiot i just like the name
  12. bruh I looted 10k if you were trolling i will be very mad also im not scenery ok lol ur so silly wheres my method at btw i need 2b/hr
  13. scenery

    Hello Everyone

    Cool welcome wot r u botting m8?
  14. Hi excuse me I've been waiting all day for this party when can I expect to receive many monies? There are plenty of players on right now so pls assist. I got cleaned like 600b I'm very upset ok
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