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  1. Ikov's being updated, they added a load of new anti-botting methods that check system info, registry, etc so admins are currently working on that. Should be updated within the next week or so It's VIP+ only unfortunately
  2. glad its working well for you, floor 3 is coming soon just waiting for latest client to become undetectable.
  3. staff check inventory to see how many marks of grace you have
  4. looking on adding overload, flask & piety/curses support in the next release awesome im glad its working well, send me a proggy if you get chance! will add an option on the gui to pickup coins
  5. run parabot with command line arguments like so - "java -jar -noverify client.jar" *client.jar* being the name of your parabot client
  6. only vip whilst it is in beta, premium & vip will help keep scripts from dropping prices too low and ruining the eco
  7. Been super busy but hoping to release version 2 towards the end of the week! if you pm me on slack il drop you a message when its updated
  8. they have a variety of methods to detect bots
  9. it alternates between market and varrock west, i will look into adding an option for edgeville
  10. not at the moment but i can possibly look into adding overload support, script is on the bdn i will look into this tonight and try find a way to fetch private messages, for now if you turn your private chat off the staff will have to teleport to you and parabot *should* logout if a staff member is nearby automatically
  11. one time purchase
  12. thats awesome going, yeah gotta watch out for staff they lurk near dung looking for bots
  13. bro IDung works 100% been using it for 20h+ and still no ban. Gratz

    btw waiting for floor 3😂😂

    1. scriptss


      Thanks dude, glad it's working flawlessly! anti-ban should be working but just keep an eye out 😉

      floor 3 is coming soon! just need to finish testing and add a few failsafes 

  14. IFrost Dragons Kills frost dragons and loots bones, visages and volkraeth tickets. Requirements: 100 dungeoneering Sharks in your first bank slot of your first bank tab super restores in your second back slot of your first bank tab Normal spellbook and normal prayer book (will add support for curses soon) 10 hour proggy with normal gear 10 hour proggy with shit gear (low level account) gains from a small botfarm in 12 hours
  15. will look into adding them yeah
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