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  1. well everything is open source so why don't you do it ?
  2. ALL of the servers are currently down and wont be updated anytime soon. Devs are busy with school/work/social lives and there is currently NO ETA as to when they will be back up. Don't buy VIP and presume its been updated unless there is a post on the forums stating it has. If you've already bought VIP contact @JKetelaar or @Lord and request a refund.
  3. client version is handled by parabot, pm @Lord and ask him to update DS
  4. Ikov's being updated, they added a load of new anti-botting methods that check system info, registry, etc so admins are currently working on that. Should be updated within the next week or so It's VIP+ only unfortunately
  5. glad its working well for you, floor 3 is coming soon just waiting for latest client to become undetectable.
  6. staff check inventory to see how many marks of grace you have
  7. looking on adding overload, flask & piety/curses support in the next release awesome im glad its working well, send me a proggy if you get chance! will add an option on the gui to pickup coins
  8. run parabot with command line arguments like so - "java -jar -noverify client.jar" *client.jar* being the name of your parabot client
  9. only vip whilst it is in beta, premium & vip will help keep scripts from dropping prices too low and ruining the eco
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