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  1. scriptss

    Vitality PS | Bot

    @Lord @JKetelaar
  2. probably either taking a screenshot of desktop or checking for injection, ikov and alora are doing the same
  3. scriptss

    Private Script

    parabot is strictly for private servers
  4. well everything is open source so why don't you do it ?
  5. ALL of the servers are currently down and wont be updated anytime soon. Devs are busy with school/work/social lives and there is currently NO ETA as to when they will be back up. Don't buy VIP and presume its been updated unless there is a post on the forums stating it has. If you've already bought VIP contact @JKetelaar or @Lord and request a refund.
  6. client version is handled by parabot, pm @Lord and ask him to update DS
  7. Ikov's being updated, they added a load of new anti-botting methods that check system info, registry, etc so admins are currently working on that. Should be updated within the next week or so It's VIP+ only unfortunately
  8. glad its working well for you, floor 3 is coming soon just waiting for latest client to become undetectable.
  9. staff check inventory to see how many marks of grace you have
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