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  1. Lord

    Dreamscape Ironman instance runner

    Maybe when I have a few more things sorted.
  2. Lord

    Dreamscape Script request

    Yes, I have this script still, I'm not sure anything changed from it.
  3. Lord

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    Clear your Parabot cache :)
  4. Hey man a friend of yours refereed me to the  arcade script any way you could put coins p/h? trying to test things out and see what can push the most with my budgets

    1. Lord


      Sure I will take a look in to it :)

  5. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    it's not broken?
  6. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    If you could run it with -loadlocal then I can what could be causing the issue for you. Also please could you let me know what the Paint says as this will tell me what class to look for a possible error, How ever i have just been send a proggy for over 1 day so it could be computer based.
  7. Lord

    Dreamscape Gold

    This thread has been locked due to the fact is it in the wrong section and you do not meet the req's to sell.
  8. Lord

    Dreamscape Lagging Out?

    Try to clear cache and make sure you are running 64bit java :)
  9. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    I'm currently away on holiday I will look in to this when I get back. Thanks for the post!
  10. Lord

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    Didn't you die?
  11. Lord

    [DreamScape] nonThiever [Open Source]

  12. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Please could you provide an image so I can see what is going on? *I'm currently away on holiday till Monday next week so thing might be slow, however I reachable via slack!
  13. Lord

    Introduction :)

    Automatic message This topic has been moved from "Mature (18+) > Site > Introductions" to "Mature (18+) > Site > Introductions".
  14. Lord

    [DreamScape] nonThiever [Open Source]

    Once you have removed the output file within the GitHub I will approve the post.