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  1. Lord

    Dreamscape update

    Updated! Please clear cache and try again!
  2. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Do you get an error in the console?
  3. Lord

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    Can you send me a pm with your email so i can contact you via slack to assist you
  4. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Yep! Will be live today! (Check Slack)
  5. Lord

    Help please

    This happens when you use resizable on the DS client and we used fixed screen. The way to fix this would be to go on to the DS client and change to fixed screen res
  6. Lord

    Client is laggy

    Can you please provide me a screen shot of your cmd with java -version so I can take a look?
  7. Lord

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    I just updated it again! Please, clear cache! ❤️
  8. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Make sure you clear your parabot cache 🙂
  9. Lord

    Dremscape update

  10. Lord

    DreamScape out of date

    Updated! :)
  11. Lord

    DreamScape out of date

    Looking in to this now guys
  12. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    The bot might need an update, maybe add the function of Multi-kill one shotting aswell. ( What do you mean about this? ) Can you explain it alittle more please?
  13. Lord

    Dreamscape is out of date

    it looks like you might have resize enabled. Log in using the official DS client and make sure you are on "fixed" size. It could also be useful to delete Dreamscape cache and Parabot cache is you are still running in to issues.
  14. Lord

    Dreamscape is out of date

    Should now be updated, Please clear your cache!
  15. Lord

    I mean, thanks for leaving me out....