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  1. Fix the fucking dreamscape client you lazy fuck

    1. Nickilla


      This made me lol, we can all dream

  2. Lord plzz

     update dreamscape client, it's out of date has a time = /

    1. FaunnygaM


      http://nqbtv.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=654152 note foreigners dessert saved purple

  3. hey lord sent you a pm pls check

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Falahoulp


      Are Titans stronger than gods http://astronauttheatre.com/2659/is-spain-cheaper-than-portugal

    3. Falahoulp


      What are some good questions to ask kids http://gamextag.com/8942/how-do-you-show-a-woman-you-love-her-without-telling-her

    4. Falahoulp


      Где самые выгодные кредитные карты http://credvsem.ru/37/mozhno-li-snyat-dengi-s-kopilki-sberbank

  4. I will be pushing an update for this today!
  5. Please can you confirm this is working?
  6. Lord

    Ikov needs update

    We have the latest hooks, We are just working on Anti-Ban methods to make it more stable for our users. Sorry for the down time.
  7. Dreamscape works, we have dreamscape and ikov at the moment and are working on adding another big server. You can purchase vip using the store.
  8. Ikov is working and like peard said dreamscape updated on Friday it’s my birthday today so I’ll be updating it tomorrow.
  9. Lord


    Post it as source so others can use it too 🙂, please note you cannot sell this to users. Look forward to seeing your code!
  10. Lord


    That is a paid feature in the pro version sorry.
  11. Ikov and Dreamscape currently. We are working on others actively
  12. Do you get any errors in CMD?
  13. Lord

    IBoxer [ikov]

    Please could you provide a CMD error?
  14. Lord


    We have just updated Ikov! Please clear cache and load ikov launcher before loading Parabot just once. This is due to them having new dependencys you will need to download.
  15. Lord

    cant load

    Please can you clear your Parabot cache and try again, it was updated yesterday :)
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