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  1. Automatic message This topic has been moved from "Scripts > Parabot > Woodcutting" to "Scripts > Parabot > Requests".
  2. Lord


    Can users with issues Please PM me your email so I can invite you to slack to get this resolved asap. We can Team Viewer to get this fixed. I can also be contacted via the UNOFFICIAL DISCORD
  3. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    Thing is that it would trigger to often with staff being at ::home
  4. can you help me re add a bot locally to my parabot client?

  5. Lord

    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    it has been updated. Please clear cache and try loading again.
  6. Dear Parabot Family, It’s a lovely day for a Parabot release, this time V2.7! In this update we’ve released: Added support for ImaginePS. Added support for duplicated server names, allowing for easier local servers. You can launch use UUID in launch config to go to the server you want. Major cleanup within the code. Ability to override Parabot random solver. We will be holding a poll within the development section to ask what YOU would like us to focus on in the next release. Please note that there will be certain things that we will have to prioritize. The way we see this working is like the current Runescape polls do. There will be a few questions that will make it clear to use with the direction you would like us to take. The aim is to really find out what you guys want from Parabot and the best way we can provide this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  7. Lord

    Client is laggy

    Try 64
  8. Lord

    Client is laggy

    What java version?
  9. Lord

    [Server Updates] PkHonor and Dreamscape

    Try again now
  10. Lord

    Client is laggy

    ARe you running 32 or 64-bit java?
  11. Lord

    Cannot see public chat

    Could you post a screenshot please? What version of java are you using?
  12. Lord

    [Dreamscape] aInstanceFighter

    Script approved, Thanks for the post!
  13. hello lord i ask if it possible to start a clientbot for spawnpk first script should be theiving cause it seems easy to walk back to theiving stall or teleport.