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  1. @Jimt Cyber is correct in saying that do not PM me, then spam all devs. It is not the job of 90% of the people you tagged and is very inconsiderate spamming them when it simply doesn't involve them. I will get around to it as soon as I can. People are correct in saying that the new update is obfuscated, so it will take some time as please also remember that Parabot is a hobby for us and not a job.
  2. when you say not working, can you explain what it is getting stuck on please?
  3. Lord

    [Dreamscape] LordRaid

    I am really busy with work at the moment but if I get some down time I would really like to preform some updates to all my scripts!
  4. Please clear cache folder and all should be working again! 🙂
  5. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    it seems to be running smooth for me. Do you have CMD open when running the bot that could point me in the right direction?
  6. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    I like the suggestion I will take it into consideration than you!
  7. Parabot has been updated for the latest dreamscape client. Please clear cache and enjoy botting!
  8. Thanks for letting me know guys, Looking in to it now.
  9. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    I will take a look, Sorry for the delay in response!
  10. Lord

    Diglet help

    Are you using my pro fighter?
  11. Lord

    Dreamscape update

    Updated! Please clear cache and try again!
  12. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Do you get an error in the console?
  13. Lord

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    Can you send me a pm with your email so i can contact you via slack to assist you
  14. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Yep! Will be live today! (Check Slack)