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  1. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    @VeryDank @randomtd
  2. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    I will take a look, Sorry for the delay in response!
  3. Lord Ticket Taker GET IT HERE Steals from all stalls Auto progresses Runs for hours! Relogs when DC'd This script was made with help from @Peard he helped me with the info needed and advice on what it should do. I know some people will be sad this isn't a free script I have made this paid because it will get crowded very quickly. Plus its only £2.... Any errors please post below or let me know on Slack, If you buy the script let me know and I will add you to Lordscripts section in slack where people with my scripts all help each other out. Proggies.
  4. Lord

    Diglet help

    Are you using my pro fighter?
  5. Lord

    Dreamscape update

    Updated! Please clear cache and try again!
  6. Lord

    [Dreamscape] Lord Ticket Taker

    Do you get an error in the console?
  7. Lord

    [Dreamscape] LordRaid

    Hey Guys, Simply put this script will complete all raids using Pray SoulSplit and the inventory set up in the picture provided. Set up:- Inventory: https://image.prntscr.com/image/-B-f4vUrSUKEumhDXZUWNA.png Location: type ::home and start there.
  8. Lord

    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    Current Features: Banking Looting Burys bones The Script is designed to pick up all loot excluding crystal keys and bank when full. A full GUI will be added. Fixes; [Feature] Version number in paint. {Progamerz - Suggestion} [FIX] Bury Bones [FIX] Looting more accurate now. [Feature] Added Charm Looting {Atex - Suggestion} How to Start: Start the script with an Empty inventory in the ::mbox teleport and that is it! Stable run time! (MBox counter waiting update) Available here http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000138-LordPeng
  9. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    LordKilling Pro This script supports all servers, the idea of the script is that you can use it on any server and still have it working without having to change a single thing! If you have any suggestion then please let me know I will look to adding this for you. Have something server specific, no problem let me know and I will add it to the Tabbed GUI for ease of use! FIX Log: 1. Fixed error with banking Dreamscape. DreamScape Features: Banks restores and refills when out Uses restores when pray points hit < 30 Will bank loot if you have access to the command ::bank (select bank option) Can toggle soulsplit Bot Features: Attack multiple NPC's Loot anything you like Eats food based on a value you give it How to use: First, make sure ALL fields are complete if you are not using then food then please still fill with a number I use "10". If you would like to loot and kill more than one NPC then please write them out as shown "11337,11338" With no spaces and a single , separating them. How to find loot, go to http://pasted.co/577f9978 use ctrl + F to find the item you want. The ID is the one that says i == 1337 (1337 is the id you use in the GUI) Screenshots <- Main GUI Dreamscape Customs Video https://vid.me/eip0
  10. Lord

    Selling Dreamscape Gold

    Let me know how much you want to buy, have a fair bit in stock. Price Depends on amount you want to buy.
  11. Lord

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    Can you send me a pm with your email so i can contact you via slack to assist you
  12. Lord


    Lord Killing Hey everyone, This is a very simple script it will kill any NPC. (will make this thread pretty at a later date) Features: Eating (Just add Food ID) Custom NPC (Add the NPC ID) Changeable Eating HP Set UP: Eating: Use Parabot debug tool, Go to debug -> Inventory, This will show the inventory id's simply add the number you see over the Food Item. NPC: Using the same debug tool click debug -> NPC, Now in the CMD you will see a list of the npcs you have around you. HP: YOU MUST CHANGE TO 10X HP once you changed your setting to show HP in the hundreds then you may type a number 700 as an example. This script will not bank and replace food so please be aware of this! I would like to give a massive thank you to @TheySeeMe for all of his help. Without him this script would not be a think he helped with endless testing and made the paint! (If its ugly complain to him ;)) But really thank you for all your kind work sir <3
  13. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Yep! Will be live today! (Check Slack)
  14. Lord

    Help please

    This happens when you use resizable on the DS client and we used fixed screen. The way to fix this would be to go on to the DS client and change to fixed screen res
  15. Lord

    Client is laggy

    Can you please provide me a screen shot of your cmd with java -version so I can take a look?
  16. Lord

    Dreamscape update 101 Need update pls

    I just updated it again! Please, clear cache! ❤️
  17. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    Make sure you clear your parabot cache 🙂
  18. Lord

    Dremscape update

  19. Lord

    DreamScape out of date

    Updated! :)
  20. Lord

    DreamScape out of date

    Looking in to this now guys
  21. Dear Parabot Family, It’s a lovely day for a Parabot release, this time V2.7! In this update we’ve released: Added support for ImaginePS. Added support for duplicated server names, allowing for easier local servers. You can launch use UUID in launch config to go to the server you want. Major cleanup within the code. Ability to override Parabot random solver. We will be holding a poll within the development section to ask what YOU would like us to focus on in the next release. Please note that there will be certain things that we will have to prioritize. The way we see this working is like the current Runescape polls do. There will be a few questions that will make it clear to use with the direction you would like us to take. The aim is to really find out what you guys want from Parabot and the best way we can provide this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Slack! Sincerely, The Parabot Team
  22. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    The bot might need an update, maybe add the function of Multi-kill one shotting aswell. ( What do you mean about this? ) Can you explain it alittle more please?
  23. Lord

    Dreamscape is out of date

    it looks like you might have resize enabled. Log in using the official DS client and make sure you are on "fixed" size. It could also be useful to delete Dreamscape cache and Parabot cache is you are still running in to issues.
  24. Lord

    Dreamscape is out of date

    Should now be updated, Please clear your cache!
  25. Lord

    I mean, thanks for leaving me out....