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  1. Any update on the pk honor bot? You seem to be the only one working on it which is a shame because they isn't another bot that supports pkhonor
  2. ibotz

    LordKilling Pro

    any chance you could add drinking overloads, prayer, anti fire pots to the script and maybe a banking system for frost drags at home portal
  3. hey guys I used to use parabot a while back on pkhonor but stopped using it when all my accounts got banned because they could detect that I was running parabot... I'm just wondering if this still goes on or what the ban rate is... It's been a while and I'm wondering if we still have working scripts for pkhonor as I don't see much stuff of the forum regarding pkhonor Thanks.
  4. hey I tried to make a simple herblore script ( take potion from bank then take herb from bank) when I go to right click to withdraw amouth(x) it wont click on anything when I right click so that sucks and it doesn't let me make all potion so yeah got pissed of after 2 hours
  5. they have a few new mods on there which ive tried to have a little fun with while they do there "bot sweeps" new mods aren't a problem unless your afkin.... it was ely pure who caught me so called botting when I caught him with his random then he sent me a pm then sent me to jail... while doing this he was saying hes going to check which client I'm using this took his around 20-30 mins I logged out to go eat I come back to a ban I make new account ask him why he said its confirmed I was saying parabot
  6. ive had 7 account bans within 7 days (2 mining afk) (1 mining while bot watching) (2 farming gold leafs bot watching) (1 farming herbs afk) and my latest one using eHunter got caught using "parabot" as the mod said to me
  7. How isn't possible for a mod to check which client I'm using? I new a mod was watching me bot so I waited for 2p mins he then popped up asking me questions then said I'm using Parabot client and banned me wtf? Is they a fix to this bs?
  8. Wondering if someone could make and all out overload script Buys super pots from shop Farms herbs needed for extremes Makes supers into extremes Farms herbs for overloads Makes overloads I think this would be a paid script as it would be amazing <3 PK honor
  9. When I tried this script it wouldn't even let me click start..I tried to start then it just froze
  10. Hey I bought your script and I've noticed that the sandwich lady and wise old man randoms don't work.. Not sure if it's your script or the client or even a mod try a fuck with me I've had 3 randoms in 20 mins lucky I'm bot watching Just hit 91 hunter so I'm doin king imps and I get stuck on the hill..i have to move myself off but sooner or later it will get stuck again could you fix this?
  11. Mods can also go invisible so ull never no there watching you... They watch you for about 10mins and then they set a random event which the bot doesn't respond to... If you don't get rid of the random they then let you able to see them and then try and get you to respond... If you don't ull get banned if you do respond you'll get asked questions then they will watch your ip and trades.. I no this because it happened to me twice and I've seen them ban bots with this method... I wonder if there's a fix for there random event... if your going to bot you guys better be watching your bot now and again BTW The mod Skullsnipe uses another account called "coin stacks" Gl botting guys
  12. ive never compiled a script before so I'm probs doing something silly can someone help me Standard Output from javac: /tmp/jc_10709/Alch.java:5: error: class, interface, or enum expected 4. ^ /tmp/jc_10709/Alch.java:11: error: class, interface, or enum expected 6. ^ /tmp/jc_10709/Alch.java:17: error: class, interface, or enum expected 8.import org.parabot.environment.scripts.framework.Strategy; ^ /tmp/jc_10709/Alch.java:20: error: class, interface, or enum expected 9.import org.rev317.min.api.methods.Inventory;
  13. Hey guys I noticed they isn't any free up to date hunter scripts around I was wondering if someone could make a script for razor-backed kebbit from levels 49-91 49-99 using these kebbits is one of the fastest ways to level hunter thought it would be cool
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