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  1. Try shopify it has made me 1.8k in July. (Month and a half open)
  2. dell

    Sell pkh gold!

    1-25b = $1.50/b 25-50b = $1.35/b 50-100b = $1/b 100-200 = $0.85 200+ = $0.75 Skype: chris.williamson1996
  3. dell

    Buy pkhonor account

    buying any pkhonor account. Max cape minimum. Pm me to talk prices
  4. dell

    Will Pkhonor ever be updated or is it pretty much done being worked with? 

    1. cyanic


      Most likely done with 


  5. they have a new detection measure making it pointless to update because anyone to log in via para will pretty much get a ban. last i saw they think they found a way around it and are working on it.
  6. dell

    PkHonor gold

    Buying 30b .7/b Skype: chris.williamdson1996
  7. Put that code in a note pad make sure ajd save as run.bat Make sure your client is named Parabot.jar If it's anything else it won't load. Then every time you use parabot open by double clicking the run file
  8. dell


    I mean there are maybe 5working scripts for pkh all done by Lord. Otherwise I've been making my own half ass shitty ones. And users who have absolutely no coding knowledge can't really even bot much.
  9. dell


    Helpful question.... Try something more like Can you make a smithing bot for rune bars...or something in detail. Ain't no one gonna help you if you asking such a broad question
  10. So it's been around a while that pkh may be able to detect client. When you try and go fullscreen via para it says "download pkhonor authentic client to use fullscreen" Hard quote, I can't remember exactly but it's around those lines. How would they know that if client wasn't detectable. Considering you get banned for ANY 3rd party client it's concerning. Thoughts?
  11. dell

    Buying pkh gold! .6/B

    Thanks ahkmed lol
  12. Buying around 100b .6/b PayPal Skype: chris.williamdson1996
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