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  1. ikovgold

    dreamscape loading error

    Where do I add it? I am having the same issue aswell @echo off java -jar -noverify parabot.jar pause
  2. ikovgold

    Buying runique gold With BTC/2007

    Are you still buying by chance?
  3. ikovgold

    (Selling) Near Max CRS Account.

    Still selling if anyone is interested =/
  4. ikovgold

    SELLING Ikov (maxed)Super Donor acc with ELITE tasks done

    ​You need to follow the correct template as Dom said. Simply blank out your name and post some pictures and I'm sure this account would sell extremely fast.
  5. ikovgold

    (Selling) Near Max CRS Account.

    Hi Parabot users, I'm selling a nearly maxed Creative-scape account since I don't play CRS anymore. I will only be accepting PKH gp and will be using a MM of my choice. I'm open to any offers but will be only taking PKH gp/items.
  6. ikovgold

    [PkHonor] Updated

    Any idea when PKH will be fixed?
  7. ikovgold

    possible to add my own server?

    ​Do you care if other people bot on your server?
  8. ikovgold

    Compiling Scripts

    I'm having problems with this aswell =/
  9. ikovgold

    (PKH) 2 Script Ideas

    1. Gold Ore Smelter. The script would simply smelt all of your gold ore by taking it out of the bank and smelting it via furnace. Would be cool to see this script perform at the "Premium Skilling Zone" and or any other furnace ingame. Server I'd like to see this on would have to be Pkhonor since Gold bars go for a decent price I'd say. 2. Super Prayer Maker This script would simply pull out 14 bonemeal and 14 prayer potions out of your make and mix them together to create a Super Prayer (4) for decent money and decent xp. It would be neat to see this script work at any bank around the world. Server I'd like to see this on is Pkhonor as making Super Prayers is still a decent money maker if you can get the supplies at a decent price.
  10. ikovgold

    Kristians PKHonor gold shop

    Bought 55b went very fast and easy. Would recommend him 110% :)
  11. ikovgold

    [PKHonor] nGoldBars

    ​So it wont work anymore =/?
  12. ikovgold

    [PKHonor] nGoldBars

    I know this is an old post but can I find this script anywhere?
  13. ikovgold

    Kristians PKHonor gold shop

    ​I'd like to purchase some please. skype is "bigpoppachase"
  14. ikovgold

    PKHonor SALE!

    ​I'd like to purchase some, skype name "bigpoppachase"
  15. ikovgold

    PKHonor SALE!