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  1. mattr200

    PKH Gold Shop

    Online and selling!
  2. mattr200

    PKH Gold Shop

    Im at work for 6 more hours then ill sell you some
  3. mattr200

    PKH Gold Shop

    Dropped price to $1/B (lowest price out there right now) get it while its still here.
  4. mattr200

    PKH Gold Shop

    Selling again!
  5. mattr200

    PKH Gold Shop

    Matt's PKH Gold Shop Rate(s): Paypal- $1.00/B I am currently only accepting Paypal payments, I will not reveal stock to protect my cash. I may refuse sales to newcomers. You can get ahold of me via skype or message me on here.
  6. mattr200

    Ikov Gold Shop

    Opening day sale, price cut to $2.5/B!
  7. mattr200

    Ikov Gold Shop

    Matt's Ikov Gold Shop Rate(s): Paypal- $2.8/B Paypal- $2.5/B (Opening Day Sale) Buying Rate(s): $1.8-2/B You can either add me on skype or message me on here I currently am only taking paypal at this time. I may choose to decline sales to newer parabot members. (I also will not provide information on my stock to protect my cash)
  8. Sold me PKH gold, nice guy (even gave me extra bil because I had to wait)
  9. Sold me PKH gold, all went well!
  10. still buying any of these! message me on skype or on here
  11. sold me 30b PKH all went smooth
  12. Bought 26b PKH, we used botterino as a MM and all went smooth.
  13. Your missing the point, it is rules for a seller, im requesting people to sell to me, they can choose to sell to me or not to sell to me, I will use a MM if they want me too. I am only posting because your wrong
  14. as stated in the rules, those pertain to selling items "Before you're going to sell items, make sure you've read this an are eligible to sell." It is also labeled rules for selling. I am willing to use a MM if needed, however if they personally trust me then I see no need.
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