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  1. NonCombat

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    And than he goes into an conversation an bot doesn't know what to do and still results in an ban. There are way to many factors for having an proper conversation that's hard-coded.
  2. NonCombat

    [DreamScape] nonThiever [Open Source]

    Looking good, enjoy!
  3. NonCombat

    Prayer Points

    You also can use Skill.getCurrentLevel(PRAYER) < not sure if syntax is correct.
  4. NonCombat

    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    There is already, just paid.
  5. NonCombat

    Can't use ParaBot

    This doesn't work at least not for me. When I run Parabot.jar via CMD with commands xmx 1024 and load local and no verify it works.
  6. Hello, this is my script which I threw together very quick, gotta get used to the structure of Parabot (different than I'm used to) I used an counter, but it's mis-placed and I noticed it works fine without lol. Either go to Skills -> Thieving or at Edgeville. Auto-progresses stalls. Source - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/Parabot-DreamScape/tree/master/Thieving