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  1. I dont think so, atleast not at the moment. @JKetelaar is busy IRL so i am not sure if there is active development on the client
  2. kristiaan

    Vitality PS | Bot

    I got no clue if they have actually given up, what i do know, is that making bots has become insanely easy, with tools like Pulover... 🙂
  3. kristiaan


    no worries friend :p It would be nice to see this being added into the free version though :p
  4. kristiaan


    mate :p you are in the thread for the free version ;)
  5. kristiaan


    I ment the super restores :p Can you send me a pic of your dreamscape settings? :)
  6. kristiaan


    It supports eating right? :p But not prayer potions? ;p Also eating does not work well anymore. it will just eat the inventory, even when HP is at 99
  7. kristiaan


    Dreamscape? :)
  8. kristiaan


    Works great :p would love potion support though ;D
  9. Holy shit xD https://www.parabot.org/community/topic/8437-how-to-hook-up-a-server-provider/
  10. @Lord Can we hook clients for personal use? Or can that only be done with source access? Like you?
  11. I advice you to talk to @Lord and/or @JKetelaar :) GL.
  12. I am on there right now. Players are all jerks tbh... It's easy to do, but it needs to be done by Parabot Devs. Building a whole private bot client for 1 server which will die out soon, is not worth it :p
  13. I believe that the problem is that this server has such a small player base. It is possible, but it takes way to too long to make and for you to be able to pay for this all, or for Parabot to have a return on their time invested. @Lord Are we able to hook the client ourself using Parabot?
  14. @Hysteriqul Learning JAVA is not rocket science :) try it out :) It's much easier then you think, and you can create your own scripts :) :)
  15. I am going to get back into scripting :) Good idea's :)
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