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  1. flint michigan?

  2. and THATS what im saying. WE (parabot members) never get even an update thread. I GET that parabot is not a job and it's a hobby (ive been here for years) But Snapping at a member for messaging @lord is kinda rediculous. he even said himself "dont pm me" how sad. what a sad community it has turned into, used to love me some parabot and the members in it. #downhill #deadbot
  3. The only thing magical about you is your level of competence. holy fuck are you a SPED
  4. PLEASE take 2 seconds to re read your last statement. "also you come every time its updating" DUDE! thats because it literally is always in need of an update. when i was using it religiously last year it was the same. parabot is dead. dead as hell.
  5. Ive noticed a real turn of the community here in the last year or so. "leave me alone" "ill get too it". First off. SOMEONE needs to be making posts to keep people updated, i havent used or been using parabot in a long time. however every time i do come back its still not updated, or waiting to updated again with you guessed it, no page saying. Get a forums mod to cleanup forums and post updates/ posts when bot is not working. i would also like to point out that "its a hobby not a job" mentality only works if you don't charge for your scripts. which well, you do. (i own 2 of them) -im not upset as idc, im just throwing it out there. second point, every other client updates within 24-48 hrs, all osrs bots, competitors bots ALL of them.
  6. damn. most updates are done within 2 days yall. LORD is on a vay cay and isin't around too update. jketelar said he would "take a look" on slack.
  7. look on the last page of "lord killing pro" under scripts, i have posted a pastebin link to ALL drops on dreamscape. -thank lord
  8. sexpert

    LordKilling Pro

    there is an items page. let me look for you. https://pastebin.com/y1weDp5s <--- use CTRL + F to find specific item.
  9. step 1 --> log into parabot bdn step 2 --> click buy lord ticket taker (even if you already have) step 3 --> it should now give you the option to ADD script if you've previously purchased.
  10. jkeetlar can still be found and is very active in parabots slack! aswell as lord (who is very good at responding) via slack. @koers. lord is working to push an update on lordkillingpro that will allow to drink pots and keep going. it costed you like 3$, honestly you've spent more on a night out at taco bell. although i agree with you. you paid for something that was suppose to work. Things do take time. and lordkillingpro used to work flawlessly. - i am confident it will be fixed within the month.
  11. sexpert

    Update dreamscape

    @koers1 ive seen dreamscape take no more than 3 days in the last few updates. i would expect an update very soon. you can always hop on parabot's slack and ask or go to the "development section" to see active updates. btw, lordkilling pro is currently not working. it will quit drinking super restores after the first 2 or 3.. (this is currently being worked on aswell from what i know)
  12. Amazing script. almost everything works perfect. my #1 suggested and used woodcutter. pros (you should put in thread details) -ability to use ::bank and chop tree anywhere in DS. (only script to use said function?) cons (to make this script 100%) -the "power leveling" would work great, except they put a chatbox dialogue where you have to click with mouse to actually drop it. (very annoying, i believe this was a new update) thanks!
  13. cyanic. no offense but those guides are a little out of my league. i understand very little of what your guides even suggested. it gave zero information on where to start. what programs. im sure it would be a good guide for a semi-noob. and not a huge noob. like myself.
  14. Thanks LORD for the quick update.
  15. i definatley wasnt tryna to make this YOUR JOB, i fully realize you are an adult with bills and real life situations. however, i never said @EmmaStone did nothing, i never once would say that. i just was under the impression that mods did update the servers. wasn't tryna to piss you off. was tryna make you aware of the situation considering i had been posting for 20+ hours on the subject with little to no explanation as to who was gonna update and if it was going to be. When i first joined parabot EVERYONE helped EVERYONE. this was a beautiful community, where people heard what we were saying. people tried to help eachother out rather than attack and demean. i realize a lot of this is because you work for FREE and don't get much gratitude, with people bitching at you constantly. WE DO APPRECIATE you @EmmaStone @Lord and i honestly was just trying to figure out when the update would be, if there would be one at all. I HAVE ZERO PROBLEM WAITING.
  16. i guess im just a little lost here. i thought moderators were FOR the community. and not themselves. "it's not worth botting" to some people that actually use parabot it is. id love to learn how to code and grab hooks and all but your guide is a little choppy on where and how to start. lord updates because i assume people bought his scripts for DS. i find your scripts to be very good @emma. just don't get why the mods and not just you haven't pushed an update? or haven't released any premium scripts. instead, everyone wants to sit on here and say "YOU LEARN TO CODE" well im not a scripter, im a highly professional grower. when did parabot community become so toxic in attacking people. one guy asked for a free DS script for thieving and watched him get blown up. no WONDER parabot is losing everyone to xobot. least they update. but im the fool for asking a MOD to update the client. or even find someone who will. im just dumbfounded at how you act to PAYING and LONG TERM members of the community.
  17. of course lord has the ticket taker and lordpeng. but we crave something more. different bosses scripts that run flawlessly id throw 5-10$ at and so would alot. -icy skele -flawless voldemort -shade kings -ECT
  18. just updated yesterday. is this getting fixed. worked on? no one has replied to anything other than my fix the forums post. ETA? paid 4$ for scripts i used for 12 hrs. ik this will be fixed. but when.
  19. well it should be a mods job if they hope to be anything other than a forums mod? i assume you care to actually learn something, otherwise you wouldn't be here. script writer. developer. right under your name. id GLADLY learn, but also don't have the permissions to do so. work on client. update anything. not only do i have little to no idea. i do not have permissions. or a name for myself on parabot. @EmmaStone
  20. please update dreamscape again.

  21. all these posts from years ago. lets clean it up. maybe get some actual mods to help LORD out with updating client and releasing new scripts? any ideas community? parabot used to be poppin 2 years ago. we losing alto of people to the competition.
  22. dreamscape just updated their client today at AROUND 7:00 pm EST time. gonna have to wait till lord pushes the update.
  23. just bought 2 of your lord scripts. ticket and peng. now cant use either. need to push for an update.
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