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  1. I only said something in the little player status thing on the side. Not sure how i can fix this BDN issue as i've tried everything i can think of.
  2. Those are both from other people but i have the same issue. I never bothered making a thread because i knew it would go unanswered.
  3. Same error i still have this issue "Error contact an administrator" Also none of these threads have any staff responses?. Even if i make a new account BDN still gives me this error.
  4. Considering BDN has been broken for over a year?.
  5. Probably a week+ knowing parabot staff
  6. Other people are saying ikov is outdated any chance it will be updated before i bother buying vip?
  7. Can't use the bdn says contact administrator but noticing the forums this is an old issue thats never been fixed

  8. It actually has been done on another server but lots of plugins break. Not exactly sure how it's done either.
  9. For servers a long time ago i used to use TMAC changer with a vpn to spoof mac/ip used to work on most servers.
  10. Would you accept paypal from me? I'm not very trusted but I can send as gift etc whatever you need.
  11. Not trading with you for only 1b ikov thats a waste of time.
  12. Most likely ip banned for botting you could always use a vps like hotspot shield it's currently what i use to get around my ip ban. And if you are mac banned aswell use TMAC v6 it's a really easy to use mac address changer.
  13. As the title reads Trading everything here for Ikov Gold No Lowballs Pm Me Or Post Rates Below. Will use a mm if needed.
  14. Does anyone know any other decent rsps with a fair amount of players that I can give a try?.
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