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  1. MythicalPro

    can i use runelite for a private server.

    It actually has been done on another server but lots of plugins break. Not exactly sure how it's done either.
  2. MythicalPro


    For servers a long time ago i used to use TMAC changer with a vpn to spoof mac/ip used to work on most servers.
  3. MythicalPro

    [S] Ikov Gold [PayPal | Bitcoin | 07 | RS3]

    Would you accept paypal from me? I'm not very trusted but I can send as gift etc whatever you need.
  4. MythicalPro

    Trading Alot Of 07 Gold For Ikov

    Not trading with you for only 1b ikov thats a waste of time.
  5. MythicalPro

    Banned on Ikov but there's a catch HELP

    Most likely ip banned for botting you could always use a vps like hotspot shield it's currently what i use to get around my ip ban. And if you are mac banned aswell use TMAC v6 it's a really easy to use mac address changer.
  6. MythicalPro

    Trading Alot Of 07 Gold For Ikov

    As the title reads Trading everything here for Ikov Gold No Lowballs Pm Me Or Post Rates Below. Will use a mm if needed.
  7. MythicalPro

    Ikov staff maturity

    Does anyone know any other decent rsps with a fair amount of players that I can give a try?.
  8. MythicalPro

    Ikov staff maturity

    Didn't expect the owner to be an immature 12 year old but I guess all rsps owners are like that..
  9. MythicalPro

    Ikov staff maturity

    Was pking in battle mage when i attacked the owner david on ikov within a couple seconds he instantly kills me with a command and i lost battle mage + more i then argue it asking for my stuff back then they ban my account and my iron man account that had no relation for no reason. Pretty pathetic how they will instantly kill you for no reason aswell as ban you. And david being real mature by telling me to suck his dick when I did nothing wrong. Proof that david insta killed me -
  10. MythicalPro

    Buying Ikov Gold $1.50/B

    Dced and lost 7b today due to ikov server connections.. really need the gold still looking to buy.
  11. MythicalPro

    Buying Ikov Gold $1.50/B

    I got money on paypal and I am looking to buy some gold for ikov at $1.50USD Per 1B message me if you're interested. I can send as gift etc or however you would like so post below or pm me thanks.
  12. MythicalPro

    Selling Ikov Items For 07 Gold

    This is what i have to trade not selling in 1 piece at a time and i only want 07 gold. Will use a middleman etc if requested. No Lowballs.
  13. MythicalPro

    How can i bypass a mac ban/ip ban?

    Thanks Botterino who told me about the mac changer because I was actually able to login again after changing my mac address .
  14. MythicalPro

    How can i bypass a mac ban/ip ban?

    Does anyone know any good proxies or vpn that would work for something like this?. i've tried a few things like tor and cyberghost but they don't work. (yes i'm a noob at this)
  15. MythicalPro

    How can i bypass a mac ban/ip ban?

    I know the bot has a built in mac address thing for the client but i've tried useing it and im still banned which leads me to believe that its an ip ban or both is there a way to bypass these?.