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  1. buffoon


    I love you guys ❤️ The work u put in is amazing. I would happily give a shot at writing scripts for the community 🙂 (If I'm allowed to, I can't remember if script writer rank is required or not).
  2. buffoon


    Can't wait 🙂
  3. buffoon


    Hey, now that Ikov is back and with its large playerbase. Is there any plans to add support for Ikov to Parabot?
  4. Really appreciate the work you guys do. I used to bot on old Ikov and I remember when they implemented some really advanced anti-bot system just as I purchase a zulrah script there aswell >.< which made the bot break for over a month.
  5. Nope u can try unlimited times. This is not for hacking. This is for one of my own pins that i forgot and mods don't want to help me.
  6. I would like a script that would go through all combinations of bank pins on near reality. 0000-9999
  7. So quite a while ago i purchased Minimal Zulrah for $20. I've been waiting for it to be fixed ever since i bought it. So today i go to check if it has been updated lately it says i have to buy it?
  8. shaheet just got slapped with a slap
  9. The wait is finally over. Heck yea!
  10. In title you ask for 06/07/08.. But in thread you ask for 07/08/09? Wot.
  11. I have very basic knowledge of Java. I will be following these guides and hopefully become a simple scripter.
  12. Damn :(, Btw is this even legal? Are you allowed to upload screenshots of peoples private stuff?
  13. So is there anything you can do about this?
  14. buffoon

    Don't use Ikov

    Hope you guy's can resolve this as fast as possible. Nice to hear that you're on it and that it'll be fixed soon :)
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